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    Well, I think I cursed myself.

    I was talking to Heather and saying how well difficult child has been doing. How we are revising his IEP, did some testing with the school psychologist, he is going to get an alphasmart or a laptop as his handwriting is so poor.

    And today, after that conversation, he has been a holy terror. He has been almost obsessing about playing monopoly. I played for half an hour, and he would not leave me alone about playing more. I had to go take red box movies back, figured I would take him along and maybe that would give him something to do, he was bored. We get to the store, and he is a whirling dervish. Got almost through the store, I reached for milk and he stepped back at the same time and he ran into me and started yelling at me that I pushed him. This is a continual problem with him, he runs into us and yells at us for pushing him, etc. I told him monopoly was done for the night, I do not play with people who are rude and yell at me. He just yelled at me because he dropped one of his pills!!!!!

    I am tired of being yelled at about everything. All I have done all day is send him to his room for being disrespectful!
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    I feel for you. I understand being on this end of the blame game. Sometimes they just don't get it. {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} and hope tomorrow is a better day.
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    I'm so sick of being yelled at all the time, too. I ignore difficult child now when she goes on. If she refuses to stop, I'll walk away - go outside, whatever. It ticks her off to no end, but she puts herself in her room then - albeit with a SLAM!!!, but at least she's not yelling at me anymore.
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    You know Matt is 20 and I still am on the receiving end of his tangents. I really, really am sick of it. Fortunately I can now hang up the phone or leave his house - but you know what - after 20 years I am SICK of it. I can feel for you though - your scenario brought back many bad memories for me. Yuck. So sorry.
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    He is calmer tonight, but was a holy terror from hades this morning. He has lost the tv in his bedroom, his ds, and all computer priveleges for a week. At one point this morning I thought he was going to hit me! He has pushed me before, but never hit me. I gave up on getting him to shower, just got him out of the house.

    In the love and logic books at some point it something to the effect of if the kiddo is hard to wake up or nasty in the morning leave without them and then arrange for someone to pick them up later. difficult child would get upset if he missed school, but that would trigger the meltdown of all meltdowns for whoever was at home to deal with, and that would not be good. It would be punishing everyone else!