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    I just wanted to respond to a reply you made in a different post.....just to let you know my difficult child takes Lamictal. The doses you have mentioned are very low & I'm not aware of doses that small. BUT, want to let you know my difficult child responds very well to this medication for her seizures. She is not taking it with Depakote though... so, I'm not aware of the "bad stuff" you are speaking of with the two medications combined. You may want to fill out a profile/signature about yourself & difficult child to help all the others that come along. There's wonderful advice here & I'm sure someone will be able to answer your question about the two medications combined.
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    Joanne -- we are now at week three adding Lamictal to Depakote ER and difficult child 2 is up to 25mg per day, working up to 50mg per day by week 5. So far, he is doing great, with the exception of being jittery during the day -- psychiatrist tonight said I could back-off the Depakote by 250mg and is hoping that will help somewhat with the jitters, although, I suspect it's more to do with the stimulant. I gave him 15mg instead of his usual 20mg Daytrana today and it seemed a little better, and no worse the wear with his focus and homework.

    You must be giving your difficult child the chewable Lamictal tabs, right? I think those are the ones that come in the smaller dosages... hopefully this will be the right mix to stop her seizures :) My husband has been taking 50mg per day for simple partials since December, with the added benefit of better moods! The only negatives he's had are insomnia (wakes up 4 to 5 times per night) and for a while he's had bouts of sweating (just his head -- wierd, I know), but that part seems to be improving.