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    what I have done. I did not hear back about the job in HI, which I applied for thru USAJOBS. So, I decided to check on that website and see what it said about my application status. I applied for a few directly on that website, but had to follow links to other sites to apply for some jobs I was interested in. Well.....I have a list of ID names and PW's and made my way to the USAJOBS page for my applications. It shows three- two say the status is "pending HR action". Neither of these two are the job in HI- it is either no longer lsited at all or I must have applied to it thru a link. If it isn't listed at all, wouldn't that imply they have already filled the position? I found a number for HR and called them and have a left a message to check the status. I found another link that I might have used to get to that job but none of me ID's or PW's on my list work there. LOL! And the two listed as "pending HR"- I haven't heard anything from them. I'm so confused!

    Ok- if the man that interviewed me wanted to hire me, like he said, and he turned it over to HR but they haven't called, does that mean I might have gotten bumped by someone with preferred status?
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    Means their HR people are probably as slow as he told you they are. Job might not be posted because they expect to hire you.

    I dunno. Never applied for anything via internet before.

    Hope you here something from them soon.

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    Me too...this is horrible. I did get a call to set up an interview for next week with another place- 2 hours away in rush hour that I have a very slim chance of getting- or enjoying. I would take it but you know, I sure would prefer something else to come thru. The fact that people are gradually starting to call about interviews is a good sign, but financially, I don't know if I can hang on long enough for something firm to happen.
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    Ok, I just got an email from HR- I suppose it was a result of my phone message. She said this is not a job offer at this point, she is only asking for documentation showing my qualifications that I listed on my resume. One was my document showing I'm a veteran- no problem. The other is a copy of college transcripts- and I have to have these to her by Tues. although they can be faxed. Who is she kidding? It is almost 9:00pm here which means I can't even call my college until Monday morning and I'll be lucky if they return my call by Tues afternoon, much less get any paperwork out- which I doubt they will do at all without me sending them a check.

    Ok- I sent a nice email back explaining that I have a prof license in my field which cannot be obtained without a college degree in that field. I sent a web link to prove my license and I told her I could fax my military discharge document, my prof license, and a reduced copy of my college diploma on Monday and I can contacct my college and ask them to foraward transcripts if that is still necessary- but I don't think there is any way I can get her transcripts by Tuesday.

    I know how this came about- the initial job ad required the eprson to have a degree in the profession, but not a license however they preferred a liceense. So, as a HR person who probably does not understand the professional requirements, she's just looking at getting transcripts in to prove the degree. Shouldn't a copy of my diploma be enough? Shoot- I'm not applying to grad school. LOL!

    Ohh- she apparently had me down as a "preferred vet" which means I was on active duty during a war/conflict or am disabled- and that is not true. Maybe I made a mistake on my application, I didn't mean to if I indicated that. Anyway, I clarified it for her but they might blow me out of this job.

    I'm so antsy over this I can't see straight. I hope she emails back tonight and lets me know if these documents would be acceptable. It's 6 hours earlier there so I have less than an hour to find out.
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    Yeah, I'd be stressed, too! Hope you can get them the paperwork they need -- but more important, I hope you get the job!
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    Thanks! She emailed again and said she thought the things I proposed to send would be fine to get to her by Tues., but I needed to go ahead and have the college ssend her official transcripts anyway. I will do this. I have never heard of any job needing transcripts from school though- the most I've heard of is verification of years you attended and that you got a degree and what degree you got.

    She said once she gets this stuff that I'm going to fax to her, she will discuss it with someone else- who is apparently higher up than her. Hopefully, he will be satisfied with all that which will include a reduced copy of the diploma.
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    I hope that you don't have to try to dig up more documents and the ones you sent will be enough. On the up side, it's great they are moving forward to this degree of confirmation of your background!!! Keeping fingers crossed. They say when it rains it pours. Maybe good karma is going your way , thus the other interview pending and the mysterious HR status on your web applications!
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    Well, I went to my college's website to get inffo on having a transcript sent to a third party. Fortunately, this goes much quicker than it used to- before everyone had a computer. I was going to order it online and have it delivered by FedEx so it would get there quicker, but I can't find a main phone number for the darn place and they will only send it regular mail without a phone number. I found numbers for some people who work in that building but you can tell it's not the main number. Should I list one of those and take the chance that the person won't be there or can't direct the package to the right place- or do I send it regular mail? It has to go cross-country. If I wait until Monday afternoon to email the HR person for a phone number, it delays it a day due to time differences.

    I called information and they don't even have a main number listed.
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    It all sounds promising. There is a push lately to go and verify transcripts because diplomas and certificates can be much easier to fake. This cuts down on identity theft, or so the articles I read claimed.

    Once they stop taking apps they often remove the job posting from websites. That way they don't get a ton of apps from people who sent info in after the deadline.

    Keep plugging on. You might look at all the emails you have received from HR and the other people about the job. Often there is a signature at the bottom or disclaimer at the top that includes a phone number.

    Fingers are crossed!
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    Thanks! The HR person who emailed me is in HI and her listed phone number is there. The people who are supposed to receive the transcripts are on the west coast of the mainland. I found there website and have their address- just no main phone number. I have run across some more useful links though about their hiring process thru searching for this though. I don't mind having transcripts sent to them- especially now that I know it's easier with online services and it won't cost more than about $25. If I had the darn phone number I could have this form completed this weekend and submit it online and they would have the transcripts by Tues. afternoon. I really have the feeling that the HR person emailing me is young and inexperienced- otherwise she would know that if they need something sent so quick that it requires FedEx, she needs to include a phone number. Ok- I didn't think about it, true, but it's not my job to requeest stuff like this from people all the time. I'm thinking about sticking one of these phone numbers on there and having it sent Fed Ex anyway- if you have an accurate address FedEx doesn't ever call do they?