Job Descriptions etc. for advocates

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Well... out there in our circle of cyber-friends is a family on a crusade, and they need our help. In a world where the teacher is a supreme ruler, they need to find ways to inject some balance to the picture.

Looking for:
1) Good job descriptions for Educational Ombudsman - in link form, not in text... need to be able to quote, reference and/or link to...
2) Comments about attributes and/or backgrounds that make for a GOOD Educational Ombudsman
3) Good job descriptions for any other educational advocacy roles... job title, and job description... again as links...
4) And of course, related comments about what makes a "good" one...
5) Any links to laws that this forum's wise warriors consider useful

Any and all help is very much appreciated...
Thanks in advance.


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They're fairly specific requirements, I don't know your system well enough to advise. But I do wish you luck.



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Maybe this person lives in an area where there aren't any "advocates"... (maybe that's most of us??)

Does anybody have a good advocate? What makes a good advocate? What kinds of support does your school system have for allowing advocates? Formal (ombudsman or other "last resort" contact), or informal (you can bring additional resources to the table...)?

If somebody was going to become an advocate... is this a career?

I wouldn't mind knowing some of these answers either... not that I'm starting a crusade - that seems to be THIS person's job!