"Job" for Diva?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Diva and I went to a home party last night. It is a young company selling natural based skin care products. We received a hand wash, leg wash, foot wash, and facial.

    The representative is from a town one hour away and said that to her knowledge, no one else is selling in our town. (though 1 girl last night stated she and her mom may sign up and another girl took info home)

    Unlike most product home party companies, this one has no minimum orders to make (some you have to purchase so much every month or three months to remain a representative). There is no penalty if she does not go through and she will get to keep the $400 worth of products that she purchased for $120 to get started.

    Because this is a newer company (about 8 years), I am hopeful that if this is something that does work for her that she can grow her business with little competition. It has also been around long enough for us to feel that it has established itself and will not close down anytime soon.

    Diva will sign in August and have her kickoff party the middle of August. Her "supervisor" will be throwing it so will get the commission, however, Diva will get the "credit" of the sales to go toward earning more free products as well as ALL new representatives and bookings.

    She is a people person and is really into the "spa" world so I think she will have fun with this. She can tap into those groups of people who enjoy personal spas and having spa parties.

    I am hoping the day she has her kick off that it is nice enough to sit outdoors and do it. Wouldn't it be relaxing to sit out in the back with a view of the lake while experiencing some personal spa fun with your friends? We set the party at 5:00 on a Sunday afternoon to have difficult child grill supper for everyone (will give him something to do and still feel part of the day. If he is focusing on his "job" he will not be as apt to get in trouble trying to "help" Diva.)
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    Is this Arbonne? Their products seem to fill up an area very quickly. A neighbor of mine had a cousin get her into this. At the one party I was at everyone seemed to sign up to sell because you got a bunch of stuff for fairly little $$. Then the company FLOODED your email inbox. I got some not so nice emails and even a visit from her trying to pressure me into selling the items more actively (couldn't do it less actively because everyone I knew had either just been contacted and signed up to sell or had skin reactions (very few had reactions, but a few did).

    The products seemed nice, if overpriced. It is mostly a big pyramid scheme. You get people to sell "under" you, then you get a portion of their sales. You sell, but mostly you get paid more to recruit. But hey, MaryKay and Avon work like this too. So does Pampered Chef and Longaberger Baskets and many other companies.

    I wish her luck, whatever line she is selling. IF it is not the one I mentioned, can you tell me what company it is?
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    Please send me the info. Jana is looking for something to do on the side.
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    Jana could probably sign up under Diva and then get training in her area. Diva could get credit for Jana's sales, and could help Jana as she learns things. This group, if it is the one I think, is pretty good about training people even if they are not the ones who signed you up.
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    It is not Arbonne!

    The rep said you may get about 2 e-mails per month and that is it.

    When I am at home parties, I often listen to how the rep "works" with the customer making a purchase. This person did not pressure ANYONE. You know how you hear over and over sometimes, "Oh, are you SURE you don't want to host a party? I KNOW you would enjoy it." ect., ect. Then I know that person is high pressure. I don't know that I even heard this person ask anyone. She had handed out "surveys" a few minutes earlier with the question of "Would you be interested in a home party?" and used that answer to ask if the person wanted to book last night or not.

    I will pm anyone who wants to know the name of the company and website.

    Oh, our rep also said that she personally trains all her new recruits but not all reps do because the company has a DVD training program that new people could use. I think the personal one to one training is more uplifting and easier to do than a DVD. You would have someone to ask questions of.