Job Hunting Blues

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    I woke up this morning ready and determined to get a job- not that I expected to actually get one today, but feeling very motivated to do whatever I can to get back in the workforce. I've been taking mental note of suggestions I hear on tv news shows, from here, VA, etc, so I figured now that I have a computer at hand again, I'll pursue whatever I can. What I noticed is that the places hiring around here are mostly in limited markets- like health care and requiring some sort of specialized training or certification. Fed government is hiring around here but I can't go for that until my BK discharges and I think I'll have to work some place else for some time first before having a decent chance with them.

    I did find some since I expanded my search area and tailored each and every thing I sent out to each place. I sent a lot out but am back to feeling discouraged. Maybe it's because I feel like I've gone thru this so many times over the past year or so and really haven't gotten much opportunity. And yes, I am looking outside my field and not just trying to find ideal jobs. I'm willing to do dirty work or whatever so please don't assume that my unemployment is because I'm not willing. My only feedback usually includes hearing that the employer gets hundreds of applications/resumes for each job advertised. The only ones I am skeptical to apply for are those that pay on commission only. Obviously, many I can't do because I can't lift 100 pounds or drive a tractor trailer or speak Spanish, etc. What I find most discouraging is that I rarely get any feedback at all. I feel like I'm sending all this stuff out to a black hole.

    One guy called today about something I have for sell and he mentioned that he is driving from the middle of our state to an adjacent state daily because that's the only job he could find. I hate feeling this discouraged. I know I'm not the only person going thru this because I hear about all those others in dire straits daily on tv like everyone else. I feel like I'm getting blown off by the people at VA now that difficult child is out of the home again but I'm trying to find a balance between not putting all my eggs in one basket there (depending too much on them and expecting too much) while still remaining faithful that they are trying to help.

    I guess I'm just asking for a little support right now. It's tough knowing that there will be court at least once more, difficult child's sentencing again, moving to who knows where, sending the dogs to who knows who, and doing who knows what over the next few weeks.

    I was also wondering how those of you in similar situations with yourself or husband being unemployed are doing with the job hunt lately. Have you seen any improvement in the job prospects in your area? (Don't worry- I'm not trying to find far away states to move to.) Have you learned any more strategies you can share?
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    klmno, I am really amazed by you. You are going thru so much, but just keep right on going, you just keep on going thru one problem after another by yourself. You have determination, guts and I think you have adhd. I read all that you had done in one day and then you said you were bored. I almost fell off the couch. I would have been passed out for a week or longer. Please keep your head up and know that there are those of us who you don't even know who are praying for you and who are thinking good thoughts for you. You have amazing energy and good things are coming your way. Just hang in there and keep going. Many hugs.
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    Thanks for the support! No, I don't have ADHD but do have other types of issues. The day I said I was bored I was worn out and definitely didn't want to do anything else that day that required energy or mental exertion. I live alone and am estranged from family so if I can't get on the board here during a few evenings in a row, I feel shut off from the world. LOL! TV just wasn't enough that night after being so used to having access to one. Now I don't know how we all survived before the computer age.

    They just said on TV that we might lose power - I will have withdrawal issues if that happens and it stays off most of the evening! It wasn't so bad when difficult child was home and before he started being a difficult child 24/7 and we at least had each other to talk to or play a game with but it's horrible being completely by myself and not having my gadgets!
  4. totoro

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    I also do not know how you do it. husband struggles to keep his company afloat each month. I can see the panic in him each month we can't pay ourselves, but I can't imagine the struggles you have been facing for this long.
    You are stronger than most.
  5. klmno

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    I definitely wouldn't say that - it might have been that way when difficult child was little and I was a single working mom but whether it's age, too much wear from difficult child, or just burn out, I don't have the stamina I used to, that's for sure.

    Fortunately, I never lost power as this storm blew over and found a couple of more job advertisements so I just finished applying to them.
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    Hubby's been out of work since Jan.4, and I've given up on finding a full-time teaching job. As long as I sub, I'll have a job. School started in several of the surrounding districts on Monday, some others on Wednesday, and more next Monday, and finally our district on the 23rd. I haven't even seen ads in the paper or on-line this summer; due to California's budget disaster, districts are cutting way back.
  7. Marcie Mac

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    Have you tried signing up with a temp agency? When Jamie had lost his job a while back, he signed up with a computer tech temp agency, and managed to get hired with a permanent position with a company he was temping for.

  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Have you looked at It's a job networking site. Also And Marcie makes a good point about temp agencies. I worked at one after I got out of school so that I could get exposure to a variety of industries. I eventually ended up in the marketing department of a computer company as an assistant to a bunch of product managers. One of those guys worked with their outside PR firm which also represented another company whose marketing manager was looking for someone with my credentials. I pretty much got hired based on those relationships! Eight years later, when I was laid off from that company, I landed a new job after just three months thanks to someone my old boss knew from a past life at another company. I had the experience they were looking for, but my relationship got me in the door and helped my resume rise to the top.

    Good luck to you! I know you'll find something.
  9. DammitJanet

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    I third hitting up the temp agencies. Even if all they can get you in as is a file clerk or receptionist you can move up quickly if the company hires from within. Also...look at food service. As odd as it may sound, Pizza Inn or KFC is a fantastic company to work for. I only know this because they actually hired Cory...warts and all! If he actually lasts there 6 months they will send him to management training!!! He got a raise after only working 4 weeks! Now granted he is a cook but they like him because he is

    With your experience, you could probably go in as front staff and hit management very quickly. Who knows, within a year you could have your own store!
  10. LittleDudesMom

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    Third one voting for the temp agency - in my years in the business world, I contracted many secretaries and receptionists through temp companies and several were offered permanent employment. Also, call an employment agency. I found a great job with an employment agency and let my rep know right up front that I wouldn't consider any interviews unless the company paid the fee.

  11. klmno

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    I have heard of linked in but not used it- I am already using monster and a few others, including our state employment web site. I'm going to call around to a few temp agencies. I am signed up with one as a result of going for that job related to my field. When I didn't get that job the lady at the agency said I could call them each Monday morning to let them know if I was available for work but she said most of their clients were looking for typists who could type 60 wpm or something like that. I could do receptionist and office work, answer phones, etc, but can't type anywhere close to 60 wpm. I'm thinking that there must be other temp agencies that have a broader range of clients and needs.

    There is a large employment agency that places a lot of people in my field and related professions. I check on their website and call them periodically but so far they have complained about nothing being out there in this industry, too. Maybe if I google to find others in this region I can find others and check into them.

    I got one email in response to my search yesterday. I now have a phone interview set up for next week but don't want to jinx it so I won't say much about it. LOL!

    I'm not sure how much I can get done ion this area today- I was planning to pull more out of closets and set up for another yard sale. Then I can start taking the most worthless stuff to the dump and emptying drawers in bedroom furniture next week. I have two appts on two different days at VA next week, court one morning, and this phone interview next week so it won't be my most productive week at home, I'm sure. Also, I wrote difficult child and told him I'd visit him before the court date because once he's turned over and transferred to Department of Juvenile Justice, we aren't allowed to visit for at least 30 days.

    I think it would be a good idea to get thru a yard sale tomorrow, research this stuff online Sunday, then make some calls or whatever I need to do to pursue these avenues on Monday and Tues.
  12. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    It is such a terrible time to be out of work. Sunday will mark a full year since husband was laid off. He has been working with the temp agency doing any/everything they have, from supervising half the stadium during football games to guarding two tents worth of equipment overnight, outside in cold weather. They are looking for a permanent job for him but have had nothing that didn't require very specialized skills. He is also applying for every university position he can find, at least 2 of the jobs were posted over 6 months ago and they still are not interviewing for them.

    Sending lots of sympathy and hugs. I really hope this turns around for everyone very soon. Both you and husband are working so hard to find a job, it just hoovers that there just are not jobs available.
  13. DDD

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    Although I agree with the temp agency idea I think it might be wise to physically go to apply in person at any place that "might" be hiring. I know it would be alot of running around but it would put a face to the application. It also would be a bit tricky dressing appropriately for the job level. Perhaps you could designate different days for going to restaurants (for example) or more white collar companies. You also would be able to adapt the information on the application according to the possible position. At each stop that bears no fruit, ask if they know of anyone who is hiring now.

    We live in a small community and one business owner told me that in one week he received over 700 emails.
    Being inundated with emails and/or snail mail would certainly depersonalize the senders information I would think. I'm sure it is frustrating. Everyone is rooting for you. DDD
  14. klmno

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    Thanks, Ladies! I haven't done a single thing as planned so far today. I sent a couple of more resumes out (these are all in response to ads for openings) and decided WTH and started applying for another government position. That process is very lengthy and I'll have to go to the library and scan some documentation in to complete it. I figure by the time they choose who to seriously consider, my BKRTY will have completely discharged everything so maybe there will be a slim chance I could get something with them.
  15. Abbey

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    Unfortunately I live is the city with the highest unemployment rate. in the nation. I knew it was not a good choice, but it's home and comfortable to me. I am blessed to have such good friends to help me through this time.

    I feel your pain, sister.
  16. ML

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    I agree the temp agencies sound like the way to go. With your skills my bet is you will be in demand. The search, here, well it isn't going. The unemployment bought us a little time so right now we feel a false sense of security because we can pay our bills. I'm trying not to go too far into the future and trying to trust my HP more than ever. One day at a time. My heart and prayers go out to you.
  17. CrazyinVA

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    The friends I know that are out of work have had some luck with getting hired for call centers around here, like the big credit card company, at least temporarily. There are some collection agencies that hire for their call centers, too.. although that'd be a tough job, not sure I could take the rejection. Just some sugestions, though. Retail is a possibility as well, with the college kids leaving those jobs at the end of the summer. They'll be hiring for seasonal/Christmas help before you know it.
  18. klmno

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    That's a very good point! I'd sure prefer to get a "permanent" job because I can get an apartment with that. I doubt anyone would let me rent without proof of steady, dependable income. Of course, any income is better than none it would still mean having to go to a shelter of some sort for a while and finding homes for the dogs.
  19. CrazyinVA

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    Not to worry ... Oldest seems to keep finding people to rent to her with her unsteady, undependable bartending/waitressing hours... so they are out there! LOL
  20. trinityroyal

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    K, I wouldn't be surprised if landlords have relaxed their regulations a bit too, if they have empty apartments to fill. In my city, rental unit vacancies are very high and it really is a "buyer's market" at the moment. I wonder if that's the case in your area as well.

    With regard to having a steady employer to put on applications though, the temp agency might serve that purpose too. I worked as a temp for quite a while, and they were my Employer of Record for income tax, rental applications, bank stuff etc. at the time. I would apply to a few of them, especially if you have a number of different skills: for example, an administrative agency, an accounting/bookkeeping agency and a computer tech agency. If all 3 can send some work your way, you might end up with close-to-full-time work, even though it's piecemeal.

    I also agree that LinkedIn is a great resource. It's more like Facebook than Monster or other job hunting sites, but for professional rather than social contacts. It can really open up doors for you, as people you know might also know people, who know people...etc. A lot of recruiters also use LinkedIn to fill positions.