Job search for Miss KT is on again...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KTMom91, Apr 26, 2010.

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    She's been working at church for awhile now, doing child care, and apparently things were not as wonderful as she thought they were. She managed to PO several people regarding their kids, and is no longer working during services or special events. Today, she was let go from the mothers' group. They were kind, and told her it was about budget cuts. I'm of two minds about that...if she doesn't know what she's doing wrong, how can she be expected to change things? But then, would she change anything, or just blame everybody else? That's her standard MO anyway.

    I'm actually amazed she kept it together this long...usually 6 months is her max for friends, projects, boyfriends, whatever. She's supposed to be baby-sitting this summer during the mornings. I guess that wasn't one of the couples she PO'd.

    I honestly don't know what to do with her. I doubt she'll be able to hold a job for long, but I also doubt she'd be eligible for SSI, either. She graduated from high school without an IEP, is doing fairly well in college, no criminal record, no hx of substance abuse, no definitive diagnosis besides ADHD...I'm afraid she's going to fall through the cracks. Living with me forever is NOT an option.

    I just don't know.
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    mstang67chic Going Green can't hurt to try on the SSI. I wasn't sure about difficult child either (although he DID have an IEP and took 3 tries at his senior year). Has she or would she be willing to go to Vocational Rehab or Work One?

    Either way....hugs. I totally understand the fear of them living with us forever and screaming %$^&* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! at the thought.
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    Mary, KT's issues may be more along of the lines of slow to mature. And while I know those ladies were being nice.......they still should've been honest so that KT could learn from her mistakes so that eventually she will learn to stop repeating them. sigh

    And it could be she doesn't think any of these jobs she's had were really meaningful when she didn't plan on it lasting like a career anyways. (Nichole has this issue, although she's disovered like her brother that simply walking out on a job is a uber big NO NO)

    Hopefully the maturity bug will bite her in the near future.

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    Sometimes you really have to be out and on your own before you figure out how to function, to keep a job, etc..... I saw it in a number of the people I knew in college. Couldn't figure things out, keep a job very long, no one else was really important other than themselves, etc...

    Usually when the parents stopped funding certain things they mooched until no one would let them, then they figured it out. Some didn't ever get a clue until after college when the parents said they had to get a job and an apt on their own - NOT move back home to job hunt/live.

    While it probably won't be an easy road for her, or the rest of you, I am sure that with the freedom to fail with-o rescue, Miss KT will get her act together.