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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Oct 2, 2009.

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    I have never gone this long or had this much difficulty finding a job- even when I was pregnant and unemployed. I had an iinterview yesterday and thought it was promising until half-way thru the interview when I learned that their office focuses on one area that I have no substantial experience in. It sure would have been nice to know that before I drove 2 hours with samples of work showing the typical stuff. LOL!

    So, this afternoon I decided to call the place in HI to touch base and see if they'd made a decision yet and let them know that I am really interested and hoping this would work out. The man said yes they made a decision and someone should be contacting me. That made me think I must not be the person they decided on so I tactfully tried to clarify that- then he said "no, we are interested in you but I had to turn it over to the human resources dept and they are the ones that should be contacting you". Yipee! He said not to make plans on this yet because I would need to discuss salary and details with HR and get that worked out and then determine if I was still interested. That makes me think that they won't go up on the "step" of salary that he mentioned during the interview and was a lot lower than I felt I needed- not to mention relocation expenses. Still, I need to find a way to try to make this work. Also, I'm wondering if maybe I am not the first choice and he didn't want to tell me that they are trying to work something out with someone else first. What do you think?

    I asked if he knew when I could expect to hear from them. He said it should be soon but their "HR dept is so slow about things, it is hard to tell". LOL!

    Well, at least all my hope isn't completely squelched yet. The PO said there's no problem with us moving to a neighboring state or of course, somewhere else in the state but that since the other state does have to approve difficult child coming there and he's never had anyone move to HI, he could call and try to get them to let him know if they'd accept difficult child even before the paperwork gets sent to them. It sounds like maybe I should go ahead and ask him to do that so when I get the call from HR (assuming I do), I won't have to wait several days to give them a final answer. If I took everything I had to move out there then found out they wouldn't accept difficult child, I would be SOL. I wouldn't be able to move back and establish a home and wouldn't be able to move difficult child there. The GAL would have one royal fit and I would, too.
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    Sorry about the long drive and no real chance. But WOW!!! on the Hawaii job!!

    It REALLY sounds like a good thing.

    Don't worry so much about them releasing difficult child. Legally he is YOUR son and they cannot really keep him. It might get expensive, but since he is a minor and this job was done out of necessity not just a desire to see somewhere new, but an attorney should have no problems squelching them.

    Most states have the "accept" clause for people on probation/parole, but unless you are a pedophile or mass murderer or rapist it is usually a formality.

    It might be a good idea to get paperwork rolling, but don't jinx it! (Superstitious rot, I know.)

    I am thrilled for you, just thrilled!

    I wish husband could find something.

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    Susie- thank you! Has your husband looked for a federal position? Has he looked in HI? I'd love for you to move out there- we'd have lots of fun!
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    Oh, sweetie......I think you've got it!!! :D :D :D

    I like what the guy said......and what he said about salary ect makes sense. They've decided their terms in hiring you, now you will have to decide if it is doable on your end and accept those terms.:D Makes sense he doesn't want to discuss it (and create possible misunderstandings) when HR is supposed to be contacting you with the terms ect.

    Odds are, if they had another person in mind, they'd have told you up front. husband has always had them tell him that up front.

    Keep us updated!!!