Jobs, jobs, jobs. Sigh

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Abbey

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    I am so frustrated in this job process that I just want to go lay myself down on the street and have someone run me over so I can sue. Not really...but it's tempting.:tongue:

    I HATE THE ONLINE APPLICATION THING!!! I want to see a person...introduce myself...hand over an application/resume and maybe actually chat. I did that this morning. The guy was very nice and seemed very interested, but I have to do the online thing, which I did a few months ago but has expired. They are actively looking for someone with my qualifications. (Sorry about the run-on sentences. Enter Random Deb.)

    I've spent the better part of the day trying to figure out their darn system, calling back and forth to the store as they can't do anything without it 'in the system,' they can't figure it out...I just want a really sharp spork right now. I'm not computer stupid, but whomever developed this program should be hog-tied and thrown in the ditch to survive. What should take 5 minutes has taken my entire afternoon for a slightly better than minimum wage job.

    I won't even venture into my credentialing drama to teach in WI. No one really knows what to do. I've been to the office numerous time only to be given various state numbers to call. I just get constantly transferred to someone else who doesn't really know the answers.

    I'm just job frustrated. I want to stand on top of the largest building with a HUGE sign that says, "AM WILLING TO WORK!!! YOU NAME THE JOB." And, as some of you know me, I'm not above doing that.:surprise: Next you know I'll be on CNN. Maybe I'll have Star and her donkey up there with me. Can travel!!

    I just come back to the thought that if I had this person's job, I could do it 1000% better. It's just got so corporate that the human aspect of it is lost.

    Ack. I'm bushed.

    I don't mean to complain. There are plenty others that have much more on their plates. I have food, friends, family and a roof. But, this is really dragging me down.

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    Abbey. I wish there was something I could tell you to make it better. Before I became to disabled to work, I went through much of the same thing. Even VA vocational rehab isn't really set up to work with these sites.

    I helped set up a couple of job sites for companies in my time, but basically they just used a resume template that could be filled out and then e-mailed to the firms (MS Word format)

    Back a few years ago when I was still trying to get back into the workforce (I still am, actually), I first encountered the "new" hiring websites.

    It was horrible. It's not you. These sites are made to make it as difficult as possible to get into the "system" and even harder to make it to HR to have an application reviewed.

    I've used both websites and in-store kiosks and had major trouble with both.
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    Do you need to have a current license to substitute in the district in your area? I know the district I teach in, our subs have to have a degree but not always a teaching degree. To do a long term position they need the teaching certification.
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    How about making a big sign, listing your qualifications, and go out to the busiest corner at rush hour? There was a story on our local news not too long ago where two women did this, and were able to hand out a lot of resumes. Don't know if they got any offers, but they got their names out there.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you. Unless the economy improves greatly, I'll continue to be a professional substitute teacher. Subs don't get pink slips.
  6. Abbey

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    hahaha...the busiest corner in Oshkosh??? That'll net me about 10 cars. ;) I think I'd stand a better chance if I stood out there naked. Umm...maybe not.

    You do not need a teaching license to sub, but the pay is substantially more if you have one. You do, though, need a sub license. Enter $100. Now I just need to cough up the $150 and take 6 credit hours (and pay for that) to get one.:sick: I'm in their system...done all the tests, worst TB test I've ever had, etc.

  7. WhymeMom?

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    I'm thinking in this time when schools are trying to save $$$, they would try to get an "unlicensed" teacher to sub first.......meaning if you want a job don't get the license, but then again every school system is different..... also don't know how they do their filling, sometimes it pays to go to the particular school you are interested in subbing at and talk to the school secretary (we all know who runs the office......) and make sure you know their name and they might remember yours..... I'm thinking unlicensed sub pay still beats minimum wage....... but maybe I've been out of the loop too long......
  8. Star*

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    Dressing like "Two mules for Sister Sarah" and heading out to WI tonight.

    If the habit don't get em - the donkey will.....(or I'll just hold out my enormous crucifix and yell GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN....) to the computer kiosk for on line applications

    Either we'll end up in some far away bowling alley playing cards;) or I'll be sittin' besides you in the pokey:surprise:.
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    Donkey in tow. I'm READY!

  10. Star*

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    Headed back to get my secret deck of playing cards! :tongue: