Join Me in Thanking Runaway Bunny?


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Runaway Bunny. Thank you from me, too.

I am not new but not that old either. April 2015. Not quite 18 months. I found you by a google search. Homeless. Mentally ill. Desperate mother. Those must have been my search terms. Thank G-d.

I had hit bottom after I had insisted my son enroll in online college classes (not the first or last time I would do this)--in which I enrolled too so as to better enforce his compliance.

You know how well that worked out.

I was beside myself because I was trying to control everything--and my son watched me spin in circles.

Within 5 months, I had backed off completely. And that is when my son decided to change, slowly but surely. Six months after that my son was back with us, working. And 4 months later he entered residential treatment. I pushed it, making it a condition of his stay with us, but he did it. And 2 months later he is still in the residential treatment program. I heard today that he has agreed to stay and complete the program.

I know that there are a number of factors involved in all of this, not the least of which, was brain maturation. Right on schedule, at 27, he began to have the potential to think better. But I know that my own maturation here on this site was key, as well.

There has been no real transformation of either my son or I, but there has been a metamorphosis.

I credit this site. I credit you. Thank you Runaway Bunny.


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Thank you, sooooooo much!!! I have found some fantastic friends, through here - in real life as well as just online. I don't think I'd have survived.