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    I have been searching for this shower wrap for easy child for a few weeks now. It's like velour, very soft on the outside and real soft and thirsty on the inside. She shares a dorm room and this is perfect for when she gets out of the tiny shower in her room. She requested Pink. All I could find in the stores were white and they were all either a thin or dry and rough terry clothe. Ew.

    Anyway, I finally found one on QVC of all places and it was very reasonably priced and it's exactly what I have been looking for - nice and plush and soft! Not only did they have it in PINK, but they had it in BLUE, so I got difficult child one also. But I had to become a member in order to not only get the price, but also a discounted shipping fee. And membership is FREE.

    I feel like I got a deal. Yeah.
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    Jo -

    QVC is one of the largest networks after ABC, NBC and CBS. You can count on their products and they have a wonderful return policy.

    I shop frequently from both QVC and ShopNBC because I trust their products and their customer service. They really can't be beat.

    ETA: If you're shopping jewelry, I would go for ShopNBC over QVC. ShopNBC has really nice, high end, good quality jewelry.
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    Wow, Heather, thanks for your input and suggestions. I had fun surfing their site after my purchase. It looks good.

    ILMS, I used to belong to a pantyhose club a million years ago when I had to dress in power suits and work in the city. Thank GOD those days are behind me. Now I work close to home and can wear jeans most days if I want!
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    Anything I've bought at QVC was great and if I remember right, they make returns easy too. My mom LOVES QVC too, she buys a ton of stuff from there. Thanks for bringing this up...I think I'm going to look at their site right now because I haven't been there in awhile!