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Seeing as how we are saying that we miss the "dark humour" side that used to be around this board... I thought I'd start a Joke of the Day thread.

Suggested modus operandi:

1. Anyone is welcome to add a new joke - but we want to limit it to one or two a day. If you have a good one, you might have to sit on it for a day or two... but better that way then 10 jokes once a month.

2. The jokes need to directly relate to life as it is lived by those of us on this board - difficult/challenging kids, in particular, as much as possible. A sprinkling of board historical reference jokes are also welcome (Raoul?)

3. NO graphics. Some members can't see links, graphics and other items, for example at work. And we want to "get the joke" when we get to the board, whether from work or elsewhere.

If the rest of you don't like my idea, we don't have to do this.


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How many difficult children does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer 1: none
Answer 2: infinity

It doesn't matter how many you have assigned to the task, it still won't get done.

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Joke #1:

Q: How many stoners does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Four. One to hold the lightbulb and three to smoke until the room starts spinning

Joke #2:

Alcohol and calculus dont mix...Dont drink and derive.




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What's the major difference between the parents of kids involved in expensive sports, and the parents of highly challenging kids?

While they both have major holes in their wallets, the parents of kids involved in expensive sports are still smiling.


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Another light bulb joke....

How many dcs does it take to change a light bulb?


But, he thinks if he just holds the bulb up, the world will revolve around him.