Joneshockey! How're you feeling?

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    Haven't seen much from you & wanted to check in and see how you're feeling...

    Let us know!

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    Sorry that I have been away sooo long... It is been pretty busy around here. We got that HUGE snowstorm last week and I actually had 3 snowdays away from work, which turned out to be a good thing because B2 has been sick since Monday with an ear infection and pneumonia - He has taken up all of my time in the last week. Things have been going pretty well with me. I went back to the OB on Friday again and he still remains concerned about my blood pressure (even after doubling the medication my pressure still was 150/90), but he doesn't feel that it is pre-eclampsia becuase I am not having any of the other symtoms that go along with it. He has come to the conclusion that my blood pressure is just going to do what it wants to, but we are continuing to use the higher dose of medications. I also have lost another 2 lbs in the last week, which I am a bit concerned about (even though I was pretty overweight to begin with before I got pregnant), but the dr. didn't seem concerned. I am beginning to feel like I am coming down with a cold/sinus pressure, etc. so I have been trying to take it as easy as I can so far this weekend. FF1 has to work tonight and tomorrow all day, so it may be a challenging 24 hrs. without him... I have also been doing alot of digging out of baby items that I can use for the new baby - it sure is fun to go through things again, unfortunately she will be using many things (hooded towels, burp clothes, etc.) that are BLUE since I don't want to spend a fortune on things that I already have. I have began to wash things that she will use just so that they are ready in case I do have to go on bed rest at some point. I also ordered my new diaper bag online today from so we will have to see if I like it once it arrives. I just can't believe that next Wednesday I will already be at 30 weeks... only 10 more to go! It seems like it has gone by fast so far, but I am ready to be done. I go back to the maternal/fetal specialist on Feb. 15 for my next ultra sound so it will be at that appointment that I find out weather her kidneys have improved or not and weather or not they will send me to a pediatric urologist. Keep your fingers crossed that they are getting better on their own!
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    Thanks for the update. I hope that B2 feels better soon and that you are not getting sick. You have prayers and pretzelled appendages coming from me that the baby is doing fine and whatever was wrong is repairing itself with-o any doctor intervention. Also hope your blood pressure stays at a safe level!!

    As for the weight loss, I lost a TON with my 3rd child. Of course I had 24 hr morning sickness for most of it, but the doctor told me some interesting facts. All of the awful things that were done in the concentration camps did produce info that until week 28 it does not hurt a baby for the mother to lose weight. No one would recommend that, of course, but it usually does NOT mean any problems for mom or child. Until that point the baby will get all that she needs from the mother. After the 28 week mark is when they start to become a bit concerned. I lost over 20 pounds the first 28 weeks but except for a little jaundice and premature labor thank you had no problems.

    Don't worry about the blue stuff. I PROMISE that it won't make a difference to the baby, not even later in pictures. Esp if you put some cute bows on her if she will tolerate them. Send up a picture from the ultrasound after it is done - I cannot wait to see it!!! I have NO clue how mothers got through a pregnancy with-o any pictures before ultrasounds, do you?? It would have driven me crazy!
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    Hey! PM me your address, I love to buy pink things!
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    Thanks ThreeShadows, I PM'd you the information.

    As everyone can see (by the time of my post) I still am continuing to have sleeping issues at night... up at 3 AM
    almost everyday is NOT my idea of fun, but I try to look at it as a blessing (in disguise), since I will be getting up multiple times in the night once Emily arrives!

    I am getting VERY excited about seeing her on the 3-D ultrasound again. I am sure that she has changed alot since my last one! One thing that might creep me out though is if her eyes are open during it... I have never had 3-D ultrasounds done before this pregnancy so I am not aware of what that may be like, since her eyes have been opened for a few weeks now. I would love to share new pictures with everyone here once I go on the 15th... Unfortunately, I am not sure how to do that on the CD website (besides just posting one as my profile picture)... Can anyone help me out with figuring this out?

    I also can't even imagine what it was like back before they had ultrasounds... It must have been really hard for mom's & dad's to bond with their babies prior to delivery not being able to find out the baby's gender or see them ahead of time. Boy has technology changed over the years! I am very thankful in some ways to be able to cope ahead of time with baby Emily's possible kidney issues prior to her arrival... I can't imagine having that sprung on my right after she was born and not being able to prepare myself ahead of time for the possiblility of her having to have surgery before leaving the hospital or shortly there after. On the flip side though, a have heard a lot of people get worried over things that are found prior to delivery that end up not being an issue once the child arrives... To me, I would rather know now an praise god later when/if things resolve themselves on their own!
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    Glad things are going fairly well.

    On the ultrasound issues. I have been amazed at how far they have come. Mine actually threw me for a loop with Cory. Dr.'s swore to me I was having a girl and I was so thrilled after I had two boys and this was going to be my last baby. Imagine my surprise when his daddy looked down in the delivery room as he was coming out and goes..."Oh no!"

    Both the Doctor and I went "what?" at the same time and Dad just pointed to the male I just groaned. Not another one!

    I didnt even have a boys name picked out "just in case." I have no idea why I named Cory - Cory. Its a mystery.
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    I have had 3 ultrasounds so far that have said girl... and a definate confirmation after having my amnio done. (amnio tests are fool proof due to it being a genetic type of test) I am sticking to my orginal girls name that I have had picked out since I found out I was pregnant with B1 --- Her name is going to be Emily Kate (I know, we have a rabbit named Emily, but we named it that because I thought I was DONE having kids - LOL... The joke was on me I guess!)

    I am feeling EXTRA tired today for some reason... I am not sure if it is because I have to return to work tomorrow after having 6 days off or if I am still fighting the cold that B2 has been trying to give me for the last 2 weeks! B1 is with his grandparents for the day so B2 and I have been playing games and he has been helping me fold baby laundry that I have been getting washed and ready to go... I have been having a lot of fun talking to him about when he was little enough to use some of the things we were folding. He has already informed me that he wants his "job" to be diaper getter and pacifier keeper (to give it to her when she is crying that is!) He is too cute... I just hope that he adjusts ok once she does come. He has been VERY stable on his medications so I am hoping that will continue even after the baby comes.
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    Don't sweat the blue stuff. Mine wore her boy cousin's hand-me-down onesies and whatnot for quite a while and she never cared one whit.