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    I'm trying to set up concurrent plans for Kanga. I already have her IEP in place and courses set for her freshman year if she stays at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I'm now working on a plan in case she comes how to start the school year. Our high school seems amazing. They have as many offerings as a small college.

    Kanga tends to do very well behaviorally at school (academically she at a 2-3rd grade level). One of the offered programs is JROTC which would consist of a class each day and afterschool activities as well.

    Has anyone elses difficult child done JROTC? Did it help?
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    B did. Graduated a LET 4. It was very, very structured, and very good for him.

    They did alot of after school/weekend volunteering work (i.e. painting the cabanas at the rec park, MS walk, etc). Also, the plan their big trip (shoot, I forget what it's called) once a year. Kinda like Army training. Very intense. And, if you don't do well academically, they don't consider you.

    I liked how involved Sargaent was with B in school. If he was disrespectful to a teacher or giving problems, say, Sargaent was ALL OVER him. And, he was in touch with me, which was good.

    It's very physical. At least B's was.
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    We have a wonderful JROTC program at my high school. It is run by retired navy servicemen. They have different programs---drill team, rifle team, orienteering, academic teams. They students in the program are a great source of support for each other. Here is is offered as an alternative to PE. The kids were uniforms once a week. They have annual inspection. They do activities together all the time. Each winter they have a formal ball. It might be good for Kanga's self discipline.
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    i haven't, yet i just wanted to jump in and offer some support and wish you luck it sounds like it's going to be good!!
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    Janna - when you say don't do well academically, did you mean that they have to be functioning at grade level or just that they are getting solid grades in their classes?
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    Jamie did JROTC when he was in high school all 4 years. I guess that is no big surprise...lol. It allowed him to go into the Marines as a Private First Class instead of just a Private. He enjoyed it. They did stuff like EW described.
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    They just liked to be aware that B was keeping up in his classes. He never worked at grade level for math, but as long as he completed expectations, they were pleased.

    Our JROTC is run by a retired Army Sargaent and Colonel. They are both very, very strict. If you aren't wearing your uniform as you're supposed to, you're sent home. They run the JROTC here like the kids are truly in the military. There's NOOOOOOOOOOOOO disrespect or back talk or eye rolling, LOL, none of that. You screw off, you're done. Out. Period.

    So, for someone like D, I'd never, ever consider it. I'm sure every one is different from school to school too. But, I will tell ya, here, they tolerated no nonsense. One time B got really annoyed with a teacher and wound up storming out of the room, cussing. He was pulled from the JROTC program for 4 weeks for it.
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    Unfortunately, our high school no longer has JROTC. The program was going strong when I was in high school (same school, about 30 years earlier!) and I had several friends that were in it and loved the program.