Jumper getting married!


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My baby!

She will marry when she graduates from the police academy next year. Fiance and Daughter looking to buy a house before marriage. He is 25 and has been saving $$$. Has a good job. Daughter has been going to school, but also working full time. They want a house with lots of land in a small town as both grew up in small towns. They will likely move back to close to where we live, but we will be in an RV by then and they told us that while in Wisconsin during summer months we can park on their land. We are close.

This young man is the kind, sweet, caring, low drama type of man anyone would want their daughter to find. And he has a stable family...parents never divorced and still happy, nice brother, no close family addiction or mental illness. They love Jumper, most important of all.

I will give sketchy details, but I am still being stalked here by family so wont give out details, dates or cities. Not telling my dad until it gets close to the date. Simply put, he wont remember. Still....very happy.

Jumper has got to be the easiest child ever, but Sonic is close to her in the easy department too.

I just know I am going to bawl, like I always do. His parents are still young. I am relived she will have loving parents when hub and I are in the spirit world.

Well, thats all. This engagement is brand new and Jumper does not want me to tell anyone yet. So I posted it here to get it out of my system. She told me she didnt care if I put it here...nobody knows her.

Thanks for reading this. Have a good day!


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WOW!!!! Congratulations to Jumper and Fiance!!!

It sounds like they have solid and achievable plans. I am so happy for them, and so proud of them!! She has grown into such a lovely young woman!!!



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How wonderful that your baby girl has found what sounds like a fantastic young man to spend her life with! I'm so happy for you and her!


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Thank you. Jumper always did make good choices. I am very happy but not surprised. When I got together with his mom a while ago we were talking about how we both had a feeling. They get along really well, are both very chill, and want the same things in life. Fiance and my hubby are great friends too!!


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Jumper is so calm about the whole thing. It was no surprise. They were looking at rings a while back...both of them knew from early on, I think. Neither dated that many people or dated just to date. Jumper had two boyfriends before him (her first boyfriend got married Friday...crazy!). Fiance had one girlfriend who lived in another state. But the two of them have been inseperable since meeting one another. It was meant to happen. I like that he is established, saved money, and has a good job. Between the two of them, they should not struggle for money. Last year he cosigned to get her a two year old hybrid car...they are not materialistic, but are both good with money.


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I remember when we were both posting about about young teens, Belle and Jumper. So happy about her and baby and, I am sure, very proud Grandma!!! Time flies!

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Oh what wonderful happy news! So happy for all of you.