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    SO I have all these beautiful areas all over my yard, very large boulder rocks outlining spaces for flower gardens...they had been neglected a few years before I movedhere 20 years ago, and then were neglected too long by me due to young children, difficult children, and my extreme work schedule, plus I had no clue how to do anything in a yard at all. THen I was too sick, and finally I was doing better and had more time, but no money or tools etc. so slowly, ever so very slowly I began to mess in my gardens. what a chore, becuz the weeds were very thick and firmly established etc. 2 decades of pure neglect.
    Well, someone with better skills, more knowledge, more imagination and money would certainly do them far more justice, but, I am happy with the ones I have completely fiinished. :) I now have a butterfly garden, a hummingbird garden, a serenity garden, an herb garden, and some just always changeing places for annuals...my veg garden did not survive spring this year. :-( aw well....

    ALWAYS I had tried so many times to grow sunflowers. DIfferent places in my yard. a few miles away are professional sunflower fields.....and they are so striking to drive past. ALas critters or weather have always destroyd all my sunflowers. Even when I have planted as many as 200 seeds.
    I gave up.
    This year, my birdfeeders kept getting spilled. Sunflower seeds all over the whole yard. And birds and critters scattered them even more. In midst of my impatiens, in midst of my herbs, in midst of other flowers-----began seedling sunflowers- in some of the weirdest places. Well, as strange as they looked, I left them there, certain they would never come to bloom.
    Well, this morning was a yukky morning, it had been unseasonably chilly all last week, and now today it came full force chicago area summer, HOT and HUMID (83%) and a storm trying to happen. easy child is still miserable, and I had to run over to court for that case from where she was a victim since 1999. Just a yuk kind of morning, and earlier than I prefer to be up and out etc.
    I stepped out into front yard.....and was greeted first by my stunning lovely hot pink HIbiscus with 4 brand new huge cheerful blooms. My struggleing hydrangeas with another 4 blooms......and next to the hydrangeas? Oh my goodness, one of the 30 or so scattered sunflowers bloomed this morning in all its glory! YAY (Funny, my house used tobe yellow and brown when I tried planting sunflowers and daisies, now it is white and gray and I have changed over to more pinks and purples) Then a breeze fluttered thru and made that silly big ole happy sunflower appear to wave good morning at me! And then...... a lil chipmunk came up from one direction and a baby bunny from another.

    It suere did lift my spirits this morning. How silly, it LOOKS so out of place, but it made me SO happy. And I just wanted to share. Sometimes the simplest pleasures are just such huge treasures.
    Wishing for you a tiny little peice of some pure joy today. :)
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    so when can we come over for a garden party? You know now you have a garden, so you need Occupational Therapist (OT) have a garden party with tea sandwiches and lemonaide and everyone has to wear big pretty hats! I will bring some tea cookies for dessert
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    Your yard sounds beautiful!
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    Flowers make me infinitely happy.
    I just watered my little garden, and genuinely smiled for the first time today. I don't really know why.......nor can I define it........but their presence in our life is impactful.
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    do you have Daisies, Daisies are a happy flower
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    I love things like this. Have you ever been to North Dakota? The sunflower fields are amazing. The heads of the flowers follow the sun. Huge, huge fields of them.

    The only thing I can keep living is a cactus. Ha! I guess that's the thorny person I am.