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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Everything that Useless Boy is supposed to do requires a fight. He and his mother do nothing for my kid, barely see her or call her, and getting child support happens only because we went back to court, and Grandma can't bear the thought of her useless son going to jail for non-payment, so, yet again, she enables, the way she's been doing all his life. When Miss KT was on Medi-Cal, I didn't ask them for anything, because her medical expenses were paid. Hubby's insurance kicked in June 1, and, per the divorce settlement, Useless Boy is to pay half the insurance premium, and half the cost of any medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. When his former girlfriend was paying everything, this was not an issue. Now that his mother is, it has become a major one.

    I'va already filed in small claims court once, and it got Useless Boy's attention, so we had no problems for a year. Now Grandma has decided she doesn't want to pay. So, I'm having to recreate receipts so I can go back to small claims court. Major PITA, since most of them can't be. :mad:

    These people make me so mad...they think they're better than everyone else, and that they can just buy their way out of any problem. Another thing that's really p-ing me off is that we're only talking $150 a month or so. I know it's a control thing, since neither Grandma nor Useless Boy have any control over anything, and Grandma easily has the money, she's completely supporting Useless Boy and his useless girlfriend as well. This is her only grandchild, and this is how Grandma behaves.
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    I'm sorry.
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    What a PITA. Do you at least recover your court costs when you take them to court?

    How pathetic they are. :grrr:
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    So sorry for this. I may dispise easy child's father but at least he pays his child support and his share of medical.

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    Wonder if you could ask in court for a ONE time buy out .....and not worry about this any more....

    Maybe she'd be willing to part with $300 K now - and just not have to hear the names of your family any more.

    Hag......send her a broom.
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    Gaaah! I am SO sorry for you.