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    I'm losing it, I swear. ;)

    Weeburt never leaves home except for school. Most of his days are spent in his room, on his computer. He'll be 17 soon - it's not a battle I will fight anymore. He's carrying a wicked school load (3 AP classes as a junior), gets good grades, is uncommonly pleasant and cooperative for a teen boy. So... okay.

    Phone rings at 11:30 this morning. Unfamiliar name and number. I was in a decent mood so decided to answer so caller would know they had wrong number.

    Me: Hello?
    Caller: Hi Mom.
    Me: (quick mental roll call - Wee is upstairs, thank you is downstairs, and Boo is right in front of me) Uhhh.... I'm pretty sure you're not my son.
    Caller: It's me, Mom. *Weeburt*.

    Long pause from me, trying to figure out why on earth Weeburt is out of the house, how he left, where he was, and then a split-second of joy that he actually *had* left the house.... then the realization dawned. Enter tear-inducing laughter.

    His AP Chem class has extra credit Sundays a couple times a quarter. I had gotten him up at 8:30. Hugged him. Was fully aware that husband drove him up to school. Knew that he was going to have to be picked up - usually at noon, but they got out early today.

    Sigh.... just another horrific blunder on my part that I will never live down. "Uhhh... I'm pretty sure you're not my son." Seriously????? How's that for building a kid's self-esteem? :hammer:

    Fortunately, Weeburt has a very dark sense of humor and didn't take it too personally.

    Like I said, I'm losing it. :rofl:
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    LOL! Does this mean you have too much on your plate and are in stress overload? I''m glad he didn't take it too personally- he sounds like a great kid!
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I can not WAIT to hear what Weeburts comment on THAT was! "Uh I'm pretty sure you're not my son." ROFLMelements off.

    We should do like a TOP TEN Leno list for THIS........lol
  4. HaoZi

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    Your kid? Off to chem class and being responsible and calling for a ride home? Never!

    I'm reminded of that part in Ever After: "Who are you and what have you done with my son?"
  5. buddy

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    so funny. At least you answered! I still remember when my parents forgot me at dance class... I called for hours! finally after ten pm my teacher drove me home... I came home to my dad sleeping on the couch. I woke him.... didn't you notice I wasn't home??? I was bawling... Mom was already in bed...no one noticed! (I did not have neglectful parents but my dad was not good about apologies at that point. He did not get how dramatically hurt this teenager got!) lol.
  6. donna723

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    OMG! That's so funny!

    Don't feel bad ... my son once did the same thing! One of his good friends was expecting her first baby and when she had her first ultrasound done, the picture of her baby came out looking like a weird little space alien! She thought it was funny so she emailed him the picture. He thought it was funny too and since I know this girl, he forwarded the picture to me. Or he thought he emailed it to me, but he made a mistake in the email address and the picture went to a complete stranger! She was puzzled about why someone she didn't know would send her a picture of a little alien so she emailed him back "Who are you?" He was still thinking he had sent it to me and answered back, "Who do you think?" She emailed again, "WHO ARE YOU?" He answered, "Well duh! I'm your son!" She answered back, "No, you're not!" Him - "Yes, I am!" Her - "NO, YOU'RE NOT!". Him - "YES! I AM!" He didn't realize what had happened until he called later and asked me about the email he sent me and I said, "What email?"
  7. Hound dog

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    :rofl: :rofl:

    We won't get into how often I've forgotten Travis. Luckily he knows my memory is so much swiss cheese.

    But to be honest, the boy stays in his room so much..........it's no wonder that I forget he's at school.

    And when did weeburt go and get to be 17? omg!
  8. InsaneCdn

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    I believe its called "having a senior moment". As in... senility setting in.
    With a 17yo... definitely a possibility?

    Trouble is, I've been having those since I was 30...
  9. flutterby

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    difficult child, my friend, and I went shopping tonight for clothes for my son's wedding. We spent 2 hours trying on clothes, then did a little grocery shopping. I was already scattered before I left the house.

    I was telling my friend that I wasn't going to be available Tuesday and Wednesday, because on Tuesday I have.....and I couldn't remember. I kept saying, "I have....I have....", and my friend responded, "Your son's wedding?"


    He was going to be getting married in June. Last week they decided to get married Tuesday.

    It will be a good laugh at Weeburt's graduation party. :)
  10. DaisyFace

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    Too funny!

    I had a call like this myself. Although we live in the south, we were not raised in the south...but depending on the company we are in, we may speak kind of "southern"...but ordinarily, we do not have much of an accent.

    So imagine my surprise when I get a call from an unknown number and the voice on the other end is a young man with a thick southern drawl - asking if I might be obliged to come pick him up.
    What? Who the heck is this???

    Yup. My son.

    So...you're not alone. (Y'hear?)
  11. donna723

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    I could easily see this happening with my brother's son! The kid spends so much time in his room that they almost forget he's there! The last two times I've been to their house I didn't even see him. If he had a refrigerator and a bathroom in his room they wouldn't see him at all!
  12. cubsgirl

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    Thanks for the great laugh for the day. Hilarious!
  13. shellyd67

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    Sounds like me Sue ... Two times I made blunders like that. It happens LMBO
  14. SRL

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    LOL, that's even worst than the time I dropped my kindergartener off at school...on a day there wasn't kindergarten.
  15. timer lady

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    Thanks for sharing this giggle Sue. You always crack me up.
  16. svengandhi

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    Last week, H was calling for youngest boy (12) who was standing right in front of him, with his back to H, and not answering. H stormed over, turned him around and saw - difficult child! who is 17 and not much taller than youngest boy. difficult child's response was "I guess I need a haircut so you'll be able to tell us apart."
  17. Kathy813

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    My easy child still likes to tell the story of when I left her at church after a Vacation Bible School picnic.

    We had taken one of difficult child's friends with us so as we walked to the minivan two kids got in the back seat and off I drove. As I was leaving the parking lot, difficult child said, "Mom, you forgot easy child." I slammed on the brake (luckily no one was behind me) and turned and looked back to see easy child running across the parking lot as fast as her little 4-year-old legs would take her. difficult child opened the sliding side door and easy child literally dove into the minivan head first.

    She wouldn't talk to me all the way home despite my repeated apologies.

    Luckily, she laughs about it now.

  18. JJJ

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    That is Eeyore's biggest nightmare (being forgotten somewhere). When he was little, I would always be there 15 minutes early because if I was even 1 minute late, he'd be sobbing. His biggest fear was that (while he was at school) we'd pack up and leave and he'd lose another family. When he was 8, my mom moved across town. I kept pointing out how many weeks it took for her to pack up her stuff, how there was a real estate sign outside her house for months, etc. and that people don't just decide to move at 8am and are gone by 3pm.