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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hound dog

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    easy child came very close to dying sat morning. Has spent the past 2 days in hospital.

    It's been posted on her fb wall, I mean all over the fb wall. She's had nothing else to do when the pain medications weren't making her groggy.

    Ok.......so I've been a tad busy to call family. I only got around to calling my mom this morning. Nichole got called sat because.....I had to use my cell phone and her name was there so I thought of it.

    Not a single peep comes from katie. Nada. Zip. She even sent me a message last night so I KNOW she was on fb, she pretty much only has us as friend so there is NO way she missed all that on easy child's page. Nothing in her message. Some random note about she was going to bake the kids birthday cake, kayla learned to ride her bike, alex can't figure out how to ride the scooter and would I take alex to his special camp.....

    1. Like she just threw some stuff together to make it seem like the only reason for the mail wasn't to solely ask if we were still going to take alex to camp.

    2. No mention of her sister. None.

    So I told her yet again that yes we would take him to camp but SHE has to come too as there is more paperwork to fill out upon admission. This is a special needs (difficult child) camp, one doesn't simply drop their kid off and say have a great week. omg I've told her this must be 10 times already. Next time she asks I'm gonna say no, get his fanny there yourself.

    Then I told her about the accident, her sister's condition ect.

    Not heard a word from her. Oh Nichole got a random mail that made little sense......she read it to me and I can't make head nor tails of it either......something about sisters and she's so very sorry for Aubrey......wtf??

    This was today, folks. Then she tells nichole she can't call easy child because her phone cord got svcked up in the vacuum just one sec ago..........uh, last time I checked she had a wall phone and land line. hmm

    That was the ONLY mention of easy child.

    Her latest mails barely make sense..........and are thinly veiled requests.......with random "news" of the kids tossed in.

    Ok, maybe I need to rephrase that.........since the first welfare check, it's pretty much been this way. Some are ok, but most it's like she's starting in the middle of something and you might or might not be able to make any sense out of it. Several times it has nothing to do with what's going on......

    Same sort of thing when biomom sent the money and she secluded herself in the motel room and sent me those weird notes. Only worse.

    My best guess? She's using or nuttier than a fruitcake. Now who wants to take bets on which one it is??

    I am major peeved over her total lack of concern for her sisters. I say sisters because Nichole, last I heard is headed back to the very hospital easy child just was discharged from due to contractions again caused by a major Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and a stone that doesn't want to pass out of her bladder.

    There is nothing that stresses me more than my kids health. Katie better watch her P's & Q's or this warrior momma may turn into Nitro and go off totally.

    I mean c'mon.........you've got one sis in a major accident......the other sick and going into labor early........and all the fudge (thinking MUCH stronger word) you can think about is if your parents can take your kid to summer camp???

    Yeah I'm tired, stressed, and working with some brain fog due to it........that just hit me!

    Wow. How totally self absorbed can you possibly get?

    I swear if it weren't that I had promised Alex we'd get him there.........I'd tell her to stuff it.
  2. rejectedmom

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    My narcissisic daughter is like that at times it irks me to no end. If it isn't about them they don't tune in. So sorry for all your worries and I hope your daughters will both be ok. -RM
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Sounds like........when M wasn't around - she was sober. ????? Now that he's around snapping pictures of himself all over the place she has to stay drunk and high to deal with it - but then again from the way you describe him? So.would.I.
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Yeah, I know Star. I dunno, seriously. But I do know something is up with the girl.

    Finally tonight she got around to posting a little something on easy child's fb.

    Phht. Too little too late. :whoopdedoo:
  5. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Wow. That is about what I was afraid of. The only thing that frightens me more is that she will volunteer to "help" easy child out by babysitting ag easy child's house and will steal anything not nailed down. The stockpile of supplies from couponing, etc.... will be just gone in a short time because katie takes them and uses them or trades them to get drugs.

    It very much sounds like she is high. Back when you read her journal and commented about how far down she was and how she would need a lot more help and parenting to actually make any kind of life, well, when I looked at it a week or so later it more sounded like some of the druggies I used to work with at the restaurant after they had too much of whatever mixed with chronic alcohol abuse. It just takes you so far into depression that you don't function and unless/until you not only get/stay clean but also get/stay with major AA and therapy, well, it never will change.

    M being around sure would drive many to use but it is NO excuse for what she is allowing him to do around the kids. Not wanting to face the abuse she has heaped on them and allowed M to perp on them is why she goes for drugs. Plus they are easy.

    It is nice of you to get Alex to camp. Is it sleep away camp? Can you somehow arrange to visit him there with-o katie and get him to a doctor for a drug screen? Cause if katie is drugged to tolerate the abuse of her kids, it is NOT a stretch to think they will subdue the kids' energy by drugging them. The more hyper the more tempting it is to drug them into sleep. That just occurred to me now, but is a scary thought. How else would they handle kids with the gfgness of theirs, and with the hyperness confined in a one room motel or even in a smallish apartment.

  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Honestly, Susie, easy child wouldn't let katie near her to "help". She most definitely would never consider letting her watch her kids. At this point I'm not even so sure she'd let katie in to visit. So that won't be an issue. Not that katie would volunteer.......even with the opportunity to 'lift" things from the house, it would be out of character for her to volunteer to do anything requiring work. It would send up a red flag. lol

    This is a very special summer camp. It's for disabled children, both mental and physical disabilities, staffed with nurses a couple of docs, tons of volunteers (who go through training). It lasts a week. There is hiking in the woods, swimming at the beach (Rocky Fork Lake), horseback riding, ghost stories by the camp fire. Each kid is assigned a camp counselor buddy. When I say kids.......they're from like age 6 up into the 20's. Some of those kids depending on dxes have grown up to become counselors themselves. To say that Travis loved Camp Dovetail would be the understatement of a lifetime. It's a sleep over camp.

    Katie was whining that she had to buy Alex a tent, sleeping bag, so on and so on........Which I think she'd have had to buy the sleeping bag, but back when Travis went I know we never bought anything else. When she complained to me I told her that is what his disability money was for. lol

    I doubt I could get a doctor to do a screen on him. I know once he's signed into camp he can't leave until a parent signs him back out again and that parent better have ID. Docs there wouldn't do it, they wouldn't have the equipment to do it.

    I dunno about giving the kids something to calm them down. Although I have suspected it with Evan more than once. Thinking cough medications ect though mostly as she goes through it fast enough.

    This camp would be the best experience in the world for Alex. While care and activities are adjusted to meet the needs of each individual child, they are treated as if they are "normal". No one looks at them with that you're different attitude.

    At Alex's award ceremony they had a remembrance video of all the kids they've had over the years........and of many of the kids that have since passed on. Had us all with wet cheeks.

    I keep reminding myself of those things when katie ticks me off to the point where I don't want to transport them there. ugh