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    It may be time for a medication tweak. difficult child's behaviors are ramping up, and it's at a time that I just really can't take anymore of her BS - my anxiety level, while always pretty high because of her, is through the roof because easy child 1 has been having chronic headache issues of unknown origin, has been in constant pain for over a month now, for which we have yet to find any effective pain relief. I've lost count of how many days of school he's missed.

    Anyway, I'm starting to suspect some borderline traits with difficult child, and it's scaring the bejeezus out of me. She seems hellbent on making everyone in the family mad at her and not want to be around her. I just don't get it at all. We are a very close, loving family (extended family included). Yesterday she told her cousins that life was just grand here in Florida until they moved down here last summer. She is so unbelievably jealous of these cousins (ages 14, 12, and twins who are 10). Their mother (husband's sister) had offered to have difficult child spend a night a week at their house, just to help with a little respite for all of us - her from us, us from her. difficult child LOVES to do this, but my sis-in-law is about to have to call it off because difficult child just cannot behave appropriately while there, she's upsetting her cousins, etc. sister in law is heartbroken because of this, but she has to protect her kids, and I understand that completely. difficult child just seems mean spirited to the very core sometimes, and that is so scary!!!! Her entire existence is so complicated...

    I could write lots more, but I really have to get off the computer. The higher my anxiety goes, the lower my functionality goes. I feel like I'm in survival mode, my house is a complete wreck, I'm drowning in laundry, I have one sick kid missing school AGAIN today and a toddler who is SO high maintenance...

    I want off this ride NOW!
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    Oh, and the kicker? difficult child totally denies saying that to her cousins (it was much more than what I wrote, and in difficult child's trademark hit-them-where-it-hurts-most style). When asked what she DID say to get my normally unusually stoic nephew so upset he was crying? She gave some story that made NO sense. Then she made up ANOTHER nonsense story about what she said that was so upsetting.
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    Your sister in law needs to protect her kids, but you still need a break. What about the idea of trading kids. You take hers for a weekend, and she takes only difficult child?
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    I've had too many days like that over the years and am sending understanding hugs. Really, for me, just being able to reach out for a few minutes to our family and identifying that I'm near the cracking up stage..has prevented me from cracking. I hope a quick vent helps you just as much. You know we all care. Hugs DDD