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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Oct 23, 2009.

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    I want to start by saying I like tattoos - tasteful tattoos that can be hidden if necessary. I even have three myself.

    difficult child got another tattoo last night. A betty boop on her upper backside/hip area. She's about 5" tall and 3" wide - pretty big, if you ask me. It wouldn't be so bad, but difficult child already has 4, so this makes 5. And she is only 20 years old! And 3 out of the other 4 are unconcealable. They are on her ankle, two on her wrists and one on her belly. This one on the hip. Come summer time, they are all visible. I told her to be careful or she will end up looking like Amy Winehouse, who, in my opinion, has ridiculous tattoos and they look ugly on her because they are just so random in nature and placement. Looks like someone just doodled on her!

    difficult child was upset last week because she had been pricing out a back piece, which is basically a giant work of art to be tattooed all over her back from top to bottom, and she discovered that she wouldn't be able to afford it after all. Oh, I am so heartbroken for her - NOT.

    I told her to slow down...stop for a while, assess what she's already got before planning her next tattoo. OMG. I am not appalled, but simply upset I guess. I wonder how she will feel about them in a few years when she's older and wiser. She already regrets one of the wrist tattoos. And the other wrist she likes, but she's POed that my mother's name was spelled incorrectly. That's right, she couldn't remember how to spell her grandma's name so instead of waiting to find out, she went ahead and guessed and it's wrong. But I didn't say anything. She knows it's incorrectly spelled. but what would be the point in my mentioning it?

    She's also mentioned getting more piercings, though not where. I know her nipples are pierced so I don't even want to begin guessing where the next piercing will be. Although, she did wonder out loud last week whether or not it would be worth the pain. I just said, "I don't know" and left the room.

    She's doing so well in other areas of her life that I don't want this tattooing and piercing thing to get between us. Also, it's her life, not mine. I am entitled to my own personal feelings about such things, but I don't need to let them fill my day, right? So, I don't. I didn't tell H about the new tattoo because he, unlike me, will let it fill his every thinking moment!!

    That's it, vent over.
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    Every time I think of tats I just think...oh what will they look like in the nursing home? I bet Betty will be bent over and kissing your difficult child's behind...lol. I always said I didnt want to get a rose tattoo because I didnt need to be reminded that the rose had drooped. LOL.

    As far as the piercings, ewww. I can just imagine where. That would have to hurt! I think they sell fake ones...lol.
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    Your difficult child sounds like mine, Jo. I don't know how many tattoos and piercings she has by now since I haven't seen her in nearly 2 yrs! She has her sister's name tattooed on her wrist--her sister wasn't all that thrilled....

    Since she's a stripper I guess everyone gets to see all her tattoos--maybe its a plus in that line of work, lol.

    You have my sympathies...

  4. hearts and roses

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    Janet! Hahaha, the rose has drooped! Too funny. I think if the piercing isn't real, something could get lost somewhere - just my guess! Ew~

    Jane, as usual, our daughter's are living almost parallel lives - almost. The tattoo on difficult child's wrist that she regrets is something about 'friends come and go, but sister's are forever' as a dedication to her sister. The sentiment is nice really, but the person that did it had never done lettering before, so the lettering is very thick and clumsy looking. difficult child had the tattoo artist write it in Italian - she and difficult child are part Italian. She got this one while living with her dad in NY - it was his birthday gift to her on her 18th. And he is very against tattooing, but at the time, he wanted her to like him I guess...not realizing the "Monkeyboy pull" was very strong at that time (thank God that's over, lol). When easy child found out about it, she just said, "Why?"
    difficult child just visited my office to show me Betty Boop. She said her boyfriend's mom is calling her Betty now - hahahaha. Sounds like I might like boyfriend's mom - good sense of humor!
  5. Suz

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    Jo, Rob is turning into the tattooed guy from the circus. I learned a long time ago that nothing I would say about things he's determined to do will have any impact so it gives me practice in being a bobblehead.

  6. GoingNorth

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    I have one tat. It is a knotwork braid with central mandela on my left upper arm. I've had it for years. It mimics my wedding band. I can easily cover it up with even just a t-shirt.

    I have gained some weight in my upper arms and that combined with aging has caused the tat to become a bit misshapen and quite faded. I am currently looking into having some 'restoration' work done on it.