Just About Fed Up with Utility Companies

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Nov 17, 2013.

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    It's bad enough that I have every electric company under the frimping sun ringing my phone off the hook or flooding my mailbox with offers over the past year or longer. I ignore them. I don't want a contract. I like whom I have at the moment, who happen to be cheaper right now than anyone else. Why this suddenly started I don't have a clue either.

    This vent though is over the gas company. We have a company for electric and another one for gas.

    Travis and I went in August to pay our gas bill. I "assumed" he lost the paper bill that came in the mail. Not a big deal. They look it up, we pay. In summer it is never more than 20 bucks. Only when he got there they told him they didn't send out a bill and no they couldn't look it up and no he couldn't pay it. We would receive our bill in the mail and THEN we could pay it. Something about their system being down. Sept I didn't get a bill for August. We again went to go pay it. We were told the same thing in a really snarky manner. easy child tried to pay hers and was told/treated the same way. Repeat for Oct when i tried to pay again.......what would've been July, August, Sept billing times. Ok?

    I got a bill last week from some gas company I've never heard of. No. Correct that. I got a LEGAL NOTICE from said gas company I've never heard of to pay my bill by monday. Is this bill for July through September? No. It's for July and August only. It says something to the effect that our previous gas company did something illegal or whatever somehow (it doesn't make sense to me) and there is a hearing such and such a date in Columbus that we can go to if we want to be heard. I have no clue wth they're talking about.

    Now I'm ticked off.

    It's not MY fault I received NO BILL for July, Aug, Sept. I TRIED to pay the bill and was REFUSED multiple times. My gas company has been suddenly (evidently) switched without notice. So how can I get legal notice on bills I never received because they did not exist in the d@mn system??? And yes, it's an "estimated" bill.

    This is not just me. This is the entire town...... So wth??? We got no notification anything was going on other than a "glitch" in their billing system.

    I can't wait to see what my rates will be now. I could barely afford last winter with the thermostat set on 65 during the day and 58 at night.

    If I have to mail this payment in I"m going to go off on this company like an insane person. I pay all my bills in person in cash (I keep the reciepts) to keep track of the house budget. Actually.......I may go off on them like an insane person anyway. This is ludicrous. :tantrumsmiley:
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    I hate that utility companies feel that they can just jerk us around and get away with it.
  3. Tiapet

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    Have you thought about filing a complaint with the PUC (public utility commission) in your state Hound? That's what it's there for.
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    I hate utility companies too. From what it sounds like, you are in a state that allows open competition. I dont. You have one choice for a company and that's it. They have you by the gonads and they know it. They can charge you what they want and you have to pay their prices or go without. Same with my cable company. I believe my rates would be lower if they had competition. I mean my cable/internet bill is 170 a month and that is without any of the extra's like HBO or Showtime. I really think that after football is over I will go down to the cheapest basic plan that only gives what you can get without a box and add a Roku and Chromecast box. Yeah I think I will have to put up an antenna for local channels (I think) but I could see almost everything else except my Redzone. I am going to see what I can do about that too.

    My electric bill is never under 200, most times more like 250 or higher. I dont have gas because we are total electric. Part of my electric bill is that I cant get people to turn off things when not in use. I went through the house and installed all those strips that you can flip off when things arent in use. That no ghost power deal. I cant get anyone to turn them off.

    Im hoping our new roof will help some with the power. From what they say, the color I got is energy saver. I dont know how that will work in the winter but from what they said, it reflects the sun instead of letting it back the house.