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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lovelyboy, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Remember the guy I had to go and talk to regarding the robotics....remember I told you about my son complaining that he hurt his arm!
    Ok...so I had a chat with him today....then he told me that I cant expect him to know how to treat my child if I dont tell him about my childs problems before hand! If we do talk to teachers, they tell us we are overprotective....if we dont....then its still our fault because we didnt tell them....Seem to me we as parents are ALWAYS in the wrong!
    So this guy is so of line....he tells me that my son gets upset if he tells them that they need to copy a structure but he doesnt give them all the blocks, he wants them to problemsolve!!!!BUT he never told them that so my son didnt understand that they need to improvise....he wanted to make an exact replica like they were told!!!OMW
    Also...this guy says he needs to know if my son is tactile sensitive because he likes to touch the kids to get their attention and to diccipline them! DICCIPLINE!!!??? So then it must be true that he pinched my son on his arm!!!! He looked overly and dramaticly shocked when I told him my son said he hurt him!!! Aghh please...I asked my son how todays session was...my son said he didnt touch him once! GOOD!
    He also said he was a power sports champion so he tends to touch to hard and that he was a levtenant in the army for years so he tends to talk to loud!!! Come on!!! This is grade 3 kids!!!!!
    But I do think he got the message!!!! He gave me a very sweet smile when he passed me after class :)
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    Way to go warrior mom. You handled the situation perfectly.... and I think your perceptions of this guy are right on. As for telling the teachers ahead of time, tell them and if they think you are just overprotective....well....they'll learn pretty fast that you aren't won't they?!?
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    Way To Go! Here's hoping the guy "got it" and the activity will be fun for difficult child. Hugs DDD
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    Arg. I hope this guy really gets it, but I'd keep one eye open all the time. He's teaching kids who are way too young for his skill level and experience, in my humble opinion.