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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ShakespeareMamaX, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. ShakespeareMamaX

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    Does anybody else have the frequent occurance of their difficult child's psychiatrist NOT calling/faxing in the Rxs they said they would that day?

    My difficult child ran out of his medications yesterday. I'm ready to scream. The doctor was supposed to call in the Rx last week! I called the doctor's office like a madman (like I always do) and, low and behold...nothing. The pharmacy has heard nothing and I'm just hearing stomping feet, attitude and "holly holly holly holly holly holly" etc... (this is what my son decided he would repeat over and over until mommy's ears were bleeding)


    Please tell me there's someone out there who has endevoured this issue and maybe you could pass a word of advice. :mad:
  2. susiestar

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    YEAH. I have. But I found that a letter, delivered to the doctor with "Private and Confidential" on the envelope usually resulted in much better outcomes later. I had this happen with one of MY doctors because the staff was not well managed and were not giving the doctor messages. Also had the PA for my regular doctor deciding I did not NEED medications, so she just wouldn't give the doctor the messages. AND she told me I was any number of horrible things, said the doctor said them. She got fired after my letter. But it does happen.

    Is there any way to go sit in the doctor's office until the prescription is written? WITH your son - who you will NOT correct on his behavior unless he is hurting someone or himself?? (A big bag of cookies before you go in will maximize his unpleasant/rude/obnoxious behavior in many cases!). It will only take a couple of unexpected visits like this and the STAFF will make sure your scrips are faxed quick, fast and in a HURRY!! (I have also done this, and had good results).

    Sorry you are coping with this.

  3. smallworld

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    We have not had this occur, but I'm generally good about giving the psychiatrists (we deal with three different ones) enough time to write or call in the prescription before we run out of medications. Having said that, I also have a good working relationship with our pharmacist, who will call or fax the psychiatrists himself when he knows we are close to running out of medications. Our pharmacist has also offered to give us a few days of medications the kids are already taking to tide us over until the psychiatrist gives the go-ahead for a refill (he would not do this for a brand-new prescription).
  4. Wiped Out

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    Thankfully I've not experienced that. Our psychiatrist is great about following through. My experience is much like SW's. We too have been given medications to tide us over until a prescription comes through when I thought I had refill and didn't.

    I would be so frustrated to not have the medications for my child I would be on the phone constantly until they called it in although I do like Susie's idea.
  5. ShakespeareMamaX

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    Well, I did finally get the medications. It was more than a week before my difficult child was going to run out, so I don't know what the doctor's problem was. It's really only him. :p It seems the psychologist has to do everything cos I can never get a hold of the psychiatrist. Trust me, I'd love to sit in that office all day but, unfortunately, I can't now that I'm depending on others for rides. :( I'll be more stern next time and call even more than I do (maybe a few times a day) and even ask for a confirmation call as soon as it's called/faxed in. I'm glad some of you can relate and I'm also glad some of you haven't had to deal with this.

    Thanks for your support and advice, once again! Hehe <3