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    Well, difficult child 1 hasn't been really aggressive, but he has been slightly aggressive. The elbow in difficult child 2's chest, picking verbal fights with everyone, stomping feet, slamming cupboards, ect... daily stuff to keep me on my toes. His therapist wants him to be out of the house doing things. There are a few problems with this. First is money. Second is adult supervision. Third is difficult child 1 doesn't really want to. He would like to go to friends house (another difficult child) and play video games all day, but therapist was thinking more along the lines of volunteer work. There is a program twice a week for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) teens that might be great for difficult child 1. The problem is that difficult child 1 will be gone for visitation about 1/2 the summer and x won't take him. The program director said this will be a problem. So I assumed difficult child 1 couldn't go, but then I get an email from the director with the schedule. I need to call them tomorrow.

    difficult child 2 is regressing in social skills. He has scouts once a week. And he comes home in tears almost every time. The scout leader and I have talked about how he needs another adult there to be his social filter. She is very nice and willing to try my suggestions to help him. difficult child 2 does great when it is just our family, but not when he needs to interact outside of his safe circle. Today at church he got emotional several times.

    difficult child 3 is rubbing his face on everyone, and driving me nuts. I got a comb and showed him to comb himself on the arms and face. So now he is combing himself and rubbing on me.

    Ann is just very stubborn with a sweet streak several miles wide. All my kids are very stubborn.

    Elsie is having a hard time trusting anyone male and big. difficult child 1 had a really great week a while back and she just blossomed. She opened up to husband. Now difficult child 1 is back to his old self and its affecting her again. This is one reason difficult child 1's therapist wants him out of the house.

    Buster has been diagnosis with autism and at first I just didn't see it. Now I'm starting to notice things I didn't before; like Buster doesn't parallel play. He is sweet and like able but he doesn't really connect with someone who is hurt. Now his early intervention person thinks he might have apraxia. She is going to bring an Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to observe in a week when she comes next.

    Buddy, if you read this and can respond would you tell me what the prognosis is for apraxia sever enough the kid only says about 20 words a day?

    I'm really hoping she is wrong and it is something else. Buster can talk in sentences. But most of the time he doesn't talk. Sometimes he can say a word clearly, but other times his mouth just looks like he is trying to make the first sound.

    Cherub is wonderful. She is starting solid foods. Kinda solid, puree food. She babbles and eats her toes. Buster is very nice, mostly, and shares his toys with her. Sometimes to much.

    husband is working his way through school. He is beginning to see the benefit from his education. Companies that wouldn't have before are starting to call him. He sounded shocked by this when he told me about it.

    Now a shameless brag; last weekend was chaotic. There was a wedding in the family and my kids were great through the whole thing! They sat, they asked permission before going somewhere, they were nice to each other. Other people were commenting on how good they were.

    P.S. they made up for it today. But you can only hold it together for so long right?
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    Face it... most of us are the same way, it just takes more before we "get there".

    Someone said that how your kids behave out in public and/or away from you, is the best indicator of where they are going in life. Now... that was said about neurotypicals. But... my observation is that it holds fairly well except for personality disorders.
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    Whew, what an update!
    I am ssooooooo glad that they behaved and were able to hold it together during the wedding. I am not surprised that they came apart the next day, but in the scheme of things, I think the wedding was the most important.
    Bravo on picking up more info on your kids' dxes, and doing interventions such as combing. It is quite the journey.
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    How proud you must have been of your family! I think it's a tribute to your wonderful parenting that they were all able to hold it together in an "exciting" environment. Hope today is aok, too. Hugs DDD
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    Thanks guys. Grandma goes home tomorrow and it is back to the routines. Not going to be pretty for the next few days. But I'm looking forward to the stability and I've not had an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) diagnosis.

    difficult child 1 did go to the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) teen program and loved it. I am very glad of that. The director of the program is being very flexible which is nice. He is going to try to set up transportation closer to us and said that I could do something else besides the parent training since I would have to bring all the kids.

    thank you very much for your comments.