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    hi i am a single mom of a 4 yearold boy with adhd and cant get no help for him they say its cuz of his age but i dont know i am stress all the time and hate to say it but i pray for bed time to come so i can finally get a break and it makes me feel like im a bad mom i smoke way to much almost 3 packs a day some days but i dont have no help ifeel like im the only one thats going through this but i know im not i hope this helps i need some type of out let or i think im going to go crazy there are nights i cry myself to sleep its so hard
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    Trust me, you aren't the first -- nor will you be the last -- parent to pray for bedtime. There's a reason that parents of the 50's and early 60's put very young children to bed at 7:00 PM -- they wanted time without kids. And no one felt guilty about it. Wanting your child to go to bed so you can have some time to yourself doesn't make you a bad mom, it makes you absolutely normal. Being a good mom doesn't mean you want to spend your ever waking hour with your child. If that were true, there would be no good moms.
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    First I welcome you to the site. We are glad you found your way to this place of great support.

    I have a couple questions before I can trully give an opinion, and also a suggestion for you. First, the suggestion. If you notice the bottom of my reply, you will see a profile sig. Please take the time to do that for you. With so many members, it can get a little confusing to remember everyone. If we have information like your son's diagnosis, your family situation, etc., it helps us to help you.

    Ok some questions - how long ago was your son diagnosis'd? What type of doctor diagnosis'd him? What are some of the symtoms that you find the most troublesome? Does he go to preschool or daycare? How does he do there? Any family history of adhd, bipolar, substance abuse, stuff like that?

    Sorry that I have so many questions. We would love to give you some advice to share with his docs, but need some answers first.

    I also want to let you know that you are definately a typical mom of a challenging child - wishing for bedtime is a natural around here!!!!!

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    thank u all he was dxd by a therthpist and 2 other doctors his dad was adhd and no school or daycare i dont work so im home with him all the time my only break is whens hes in bed and bed times not untill 10 at night if i put him to bed any earlier hes up at the crack of dawn i dont understand what a sig. is again thank u all
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    How long did these doctors and the therapist meet with you and him before they made the diagnosis? What are the behaviors that led to it? You said in the other thread that one of the doctors who made the diagnosis was an ER doctor. How did that come about? ER doctors don't usually make ADHD diagnoses.
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    its hard to explain a few are his attention span is very low and he dont listen hes always on the go with no down time and many people would say its tipaclly 4 year old behavier but u got to times that by a hundred hes my only child and its like i have 5 or mores kids rolled into 1 and the no down time just rasies my stress level so high its actually causing me to have pains in my neck that i got to have physial therpy on sorry i cant spell plus im not feeling well my self today i just want to sleep and i cant
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    Welcome. This is a great board with a a lot of advise and support
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    Welcome! You will find a lot of support and advice here. Like others have said, wishing for bedtime is pretty typical. My son has an 8:00 bedtime and I couldn't survive without it! You mention being a single mom. Do you have any one like a friend or relative that can watch your son ocassionally so you can get a break? Have you ever looked into the Headstart Program? It is a great program for preschool aged children and they are very tolerant of ADHD behaviors. The program also offers parenting programs for parents that may help you as well.

    If you are interested, this site will help you locate a headstart program in your area.

    Glad you found us. Good luck.