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I absolutely mean no disrespect or anything negative by this question, I am just curious; when did we stop using the initials gee eff gee to identify our difficult children? I was a longtime member back in the day ;-) but had fallen away for several years. Upon my return, I no longer could remember my password so I simply re-upped my former username and added some numbers to the end, to create a "new" account. When I was writing my signature, I used the old initials to identify my eldest son, as well as my youngest son (pea sea) and I was surprised when I posted that those had been changed to "difficult" and "easy".

I imagine the change was prompted by some uneasy feelings surrounding religion? Again, I'm not trying to start a firestorm, I'm just wondering. If this is more suitably handled through a Private Message, I do apologize for posting it here, but I wasn't sure where to go with it.


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There is another thread out there with this discussion on it, at the time it was done, but I don't have time to go find it.

Essentially, the underlying text does not get changed, just what gets displayed. Sometimes, with really strange results. (Susiestar posts about her son "T y" and without the space, it becomes thank you). I got tripped up posting about the gluten-free diet... in the gluten-free world, gluten-free becomes "G F", which without the space, is girlfriend.

The reason for it is to make the forums more "search engine friendly". Nobody on the planet who isn't already a long-term member of conductdisorders.com will ever search on the term "difficult child". Higher chances of searching for a "difficult child". It also makes the posts easier to read in the sense of not having to know our "lingo" to know what is meant.

Some of us have come up with our own board names for our kids - AnnieO and SuZir have good examples of this, see their signatures. This avoids the whole difficult child vs D C difference from the ground up.