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    I am reading Fannie Flagg's new book, I Still Dream About You. At one point a woman in the book (Ethel) is thinking of writing a book. It goes on...."She had a philosophy too. Sh even had a title: Fools and Idiots I Have Known or Have Been Married To. Her theory was very simple: there wasn't a thing the matter with the world, just the people in it. They nvever learned, and they just kept doing the same da3ned stupid things over and over again. Animals were fine, but all humans were fools. Herself included, or she wouldn't have married Earl in the first place."

    I laughed out loud but that pretty much tells how I feel about a lot in this world.
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    Humans seem to have a lot harder time learning from their mistakes for sure. lol
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    Glad you found a book that puts a smile on your face. I've read a couple of hers and found them relaxing, enjoyable and peppered with wisdom. Thanks for sharing. DDD
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