Just got back from the police station with Q...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Not what you think! He got these fake handcuffs from an arcade and decided to push one of them so tight that the little latch would not release it. I tried everything. Q wouldn't let me touch him much because it was cutting into his hand. It is new years and I sure as heck did not feel like going to ER or urgent care over this. I feel like I have been there more than in his whole life these past months. I went to the fire station, a big beautiful one and no way to get their attention from the outside doors.... no one heard our knocks so I went to the police station. Called on the lobby phone and she laughed... send an officer down and he finally was able to break them apart and they came off. He has these deep ruts in his wrist. It was a tad embarrassing, especially when he wrote our names in his notebook, I asked if he really had to write a report on it and he said no just log it.

    We suddenly are in winter weather and there is such strong wind that while walking around the massive fire station I actually almost got blown over! Not a fun day to be outside. My ears feel frostbitten.

    I'd like to think Q learned a lesson...who knows.
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    Oh Buddy! Lol. Where better to go to get handcuffs taken off than the police station? :)
    Hope you invest in some glamorous ear-muffs (rabbit fur).
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    Glad the officer was able to help!
  4. Ktllc

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    Ok, enjoy: typical kid's mistake that will make you laugh so hard one day! (when your ears recover ;))
  5. buddy

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    Yeah, I actually thought of that, lol...kind of a typical kid thing...
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    There are worse reasons to end up at the station, and this is one you'll laugh about later. :)
  7. DDD

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    Glad you had "Mayberry" type policeman. It renews my faith in basic values when kind help is offered. My sister's son did the same thing back in the 1960's, lol. DDD
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    Oh good grief - I would be slightly annoyed as well.........GEEZ. Oh well. As others have said, someday you will laugh about it.
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    ok, honestly- you sscared me to death with this but I'm glad this is all it was!
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    Buddy, that scared me for a minute. Too funny.
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    Goodness Buddy......whenever you put a post up like this ever again.....please put a smile up with it!!!!!my heart almost stopped!!!!
    So glad you had a chance to just handle normal kids stuff.......!
    Happy new year to the 2 of you!!!!!
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    That is so funny. I can just see that cop going home tonight and sharing that story over dinner. My son will call me with these types of funny stories. They actually make their day. Cops have such hard stuff to deal with that when its something like this, they are happy to oblige. My son had to climb a tree and get a raccoon out of it. Neither one were too happy to see each other....lmao. However Jamie was written up in the paper for his heroic duty in saving the animal. You should write a letter to the police dept thanking them for the officer taking off the cuffs and being nice. Or even better....the paper.
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    Sorry ...
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    Agh.....we are glad everything is fine!!!!!!
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    I already sent an email to the dept head. I did that when I lost my purse when Q was in the hospital too... That officer got a commendation! I think he could have made me feel stupid but he was really nice. When asked if he had to write a report, I am glad he was laughing and said no he was glad to help. You are right, it was not a life threatening thing but it certainly did hurt and bugged him so you can imagine how fun it was for me, smile. I am not sure what I would have done if he had not been there... It would probably have been hours in an ER. My dad was out of town. UGGG. So, it really was a BIG deal to me. And I thanked him a lot!

    My cousin is on face book (He is the Will to my Grace since we were little kids, Know what I mean??) saw my post on Facebook about Q in handcuffs and said he had a similar thing happen as an adult.... (plug your ears anyone....dont mean to be offensive, but I admit I thought it was funny)
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    Oh Buddy you will definately laugh at this!!!

    My difficult child#2 once got himslef locked into his school locker. Yes, he did it to himself when he was in 2nd grade. The kids were fooling around before school trying to fit into their lockers. difficult child#2 was very skinny and he thought he could win. So, he got into the locker and pulled the door shut behind him. Then the bell for class rang and all the kids ran into the classroom leaving him behind. One little boy realized my son was stuck and did try to tell the teacher. She didn't listen and just told him to go sit down. He obediantly complied. About twenty minutes later two aides were walking past and heard a little voice ask "Is anybody out there?" They determined that the locker door was stuck and went to get the custodian. The custodian could not pry the door open and the fire departmant was called. In the meantime difficult child's SpED teacher arrived on the scene having been alerted by the aides. It was her task to keep difficult child#2 calm because he was starting to panic. She told me later that she would talk to him and then repeatedly have to turn away for a moment to stifle her giggles. The Fire Dept came and rescued difficult child#2 from the locker. No one thought to call us and no report came home in his papers that day. We knew nothing of the incident till that evening. At dinner we went around the table asking each child in turn how their day was in our usual manner. When we got to difficult child#2 he said "not so good" and proceeded to tell us the story. By the time he was done all of us were laughing hysterically, even difficult child#2. He is still in awe of Firemen and would have loved to become one. We still enjoy telling this story and stll laugh whenever we do.
  17. buddy

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    Now THAT is a good story! I love that.