just had an end of the year ARD meeting...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Chaosuncontained, May 11, 2012.

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    We decided to take Carson out of the general education class room for his core classes starting Wednesday. He will be in the Special Education class room for Math, Reading and Writing. He will be with the other Fourth graders for Social Studies, Science, Music, PE and Computer Lab.And Recess and Lunch.

    His grades are not "passing" but they are promoting him to the Fifth grade. They know he has the intelligence to do the work but feel he needs extra supervision and motivation to do the wkrk. The Special Education teacher will have Carson and four other students while Carson is in her room. The Special Education counselor will see him every week instead of the once every other week. Carson sees a new therapist starting the 24th.

    I want to be excited about these changes... but am cautiously optimistic. LOL
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    That is exactly what you should be feeling. So many of us have been there done that and know how hard it is to be too hopeful, even when things sound great. Does this plan sound good to you overall?
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    I actually think I do. He has had his own aide...or did. They feel he doesnt need a full time aide. They are afraid he will rely on her too much and stop trying on his own. So he will only have her for part of his day.
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    Chaos - we handled the aide thing two ways when it got to this point... specific subjects, we all felt were "safe" to try solo. But the subjects he struggled in... we agreed to switch from an assigned aide, to a shared aide. It has worked well.
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    Sounds like a good way to take steps to allow him to be with more kids as much as he can and yet to give him more support where needed. This way he will be with them (sp ed teachers) so much more that if there is an assignment or issue in one of the other classes, they will be able to carve out time to help him with that.... when Q was in more gen. ed classes that is what we did. He would get a science assignment and if he could not do all of it in the class then they would work on it while in the Special Education room since that time is more flexible. When the sp ed room didn't work for us was when it got too huge, sounds like a nice small group of kids so Carson should get the kind of attention he needs.

    I have high hopes for him with this! Nothing is written in stone so if it doesn't work you can do what we all have to do, right? Monitor. And. Adjust......

    congrats, you have been through a lot this year, I am glad this is looking positive.
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    good luck
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    Lucas had a shared aid, but her job was never to do all his work for him. She also had to teach him how to take notes and how to grasp the big picture, rather than trying to memorize little, unimportant things. In the end, in high school he had no aid at all and asked for little extra help. I think his aid taught him skills that made it possible for him to do high school without one. He was totally mainstreamed in fact, except for one study hall with a study skills teacher.