Just had to LOL at my Mom

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    I called her last night to get her updated on Nichole's condition. And every other sentence was her talking to her dog Putzie, a giant schnauzer.

    Now dear Mom has never been a dog lover, or any animal lover really. But she did like my brother's schnauzer and so when she plunged into depression after the death of stepdad......at my suggestion, brother brought Putzie into her life. I didn't recommend such an active dog for a 70 yr old woman...but he's a man, what did I expect. sigh

    I've never laid eyes on this dog yet I know everything about him. I've been coaching her on his training since he was 6 wks old via phone. (my sibs think to train an animal means to beat them into submission)

    I suppose Putzie isn't doing bad for a terrier who doesn't get much exercise, and he is only a year old afterall...... But Mom treats him like a baby. lol She calls his crate his "crib". She put a sleeping bag in the darn thing and tucks him in at night. He gets to potty in the garage on paper in the winter because he doesn't like to go in the snow.

    She even bought him a soft baby doll at a yard sale to be his baby to care for. She's teaching him to be gentle with the baby, to "love" the baby, and even though it's his toy he's not allowed to bite it or shake it cuz it's a "baby".

    I'm sorry, I really cracked up because she was having him "care" for the baby while she was on the phone. :rofl: (she's hoping it will help teach him to be gentle with babies and small children)

    Wound up being a good thing I called. Seems Putzie is the chew master. He literally eats most of his other toys eventually. He chews on wood, fabric, rope....... Well, you get the idea. And the last week he hasn't been eating.

    I told Mom she need to take him to the vet to make sure the rope toy he ate isn't lodged in his bowels. She fussed and moaned and groaned over the cost swearing she wouldn't take him.

    No worries though. She will. She always does. This dog has vet insurance and a contract with a groomer for Pete's sake! lol

    I suggested raw hide bones for his chewing. She can't use them much as they don't settle well in his stomach and he throws them up. She's tried hard balls for him to play with........he eats them. I suggested a kong with the peanut butter........she'd already tried it. He ate the kong.:tongue:

    Personally, I think the chewing is part puppyhood and part boredom. She can't walk him in the bad weather.

    But it's so funny to hear her go on and on over Putzie. She is most certainly not depressed, and he doesn't let her get bored. lol
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    I found a Yorkie for my mom several years ago for Christmas. Like your mom, she has him spoiled rotten. He is her child. She even takes him to Hardee's for lunch several times a week because he loves their hamburgers....Animals are such great companions for the elderly.
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    I'm absolutely elderly. Is there a place where you can trade a kid for a dog? I'm game this week. :D DDD