Just like DDDs family not stepping to the plate

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  1. TerryJ2

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    I had a horrendous cold all last wk. Thought I was okay for 2 days, then the flu came back and bit me... achey all over, headache in my eyeballs, swollen glands, congestion ... I stay home, get others to take kids to school, pick them up, etc.
    I ask husband to bring me home a salad from the grocery store, but he says he's stopped at the store to get us salads and Popcicles all week and he's tired, and besides, he's taking difficult child to buy baseball cleats after work and he wants to come home after that. (I'll remember that when he gets sick next time).
    I call to check on my crazy cousin in NYC, who is 81. She says she fell on the floor last night and hasn't gotten up since then. She called me in a panic last wk and said she only had one Vicodin or hydrocodone left for her broken tail bone and sciatica, and would I call her dr.? (She actually signed and mailed the medication release forms I had typed up but she was so confused, she had to ask a friend to sort the stamped, self addressed envelopes I put with-them.) I talked to the dr yesterday. He thinks she's overdoing it with-the strong stuff for her back pain, and it raises red flags at the pharmacy and puts him in a tight spot. I said at least if we can get her to calm down we can talk some sense into her, so how about Xanax? He says that's okay. I have no idea if the Xanax was filled or delivered. All I know is that tonight she says she's on the floor and says it's dark and she can't get up and the pain isn't bad at all, in fact, she can't really feel her legs ... but there's a container of hydrocodone that has spilled on the floor all over (say what--there was only 1 left?). Did she OD? Have low blood sugar? She weighs about 80 lbs.
    So I call 911. I call back 1/2 hr later and the ambulance attendant answers the phone and says they've gotten her up and walking and will take her in for evaluation and a muscle relaxant and send her home. I beg them not to send her home alone but they say it's too busy to keep her.
    I am very dizzy and lethargic and really need to go to bed. husband is tired from work and shuts off the light. I ask him to get difficult child to take the dogs out, as they have not been out since 8 a.m. Nope. He's going to bed. difficult child won't do it ... he's sick (went back to school today for 1st time in a wk) but at least I get him to feed the dogs. He's got a phone to one ear and is watching wrestling out of the corner of his eye, while he's arguing with-me.
    I tell easy child she has to take the dogs out. "What?" (Cell ph is attached to her ear.) "I was just about to go to bed and I have an SAT test in the morning! Oh my d*G!" (Be sure to say "Oh" and "d*G" with-the same singsong lilt, and draw out the "Gaaaaaaawwwaaahd" like you're singing, and insert "like" for more emphasis.) Of course, whomever is on the other end of the line is hearing just how cool she is.
    She takes out the dogs and stomps upstairs and turns out the light.

    DDD, I know how you feel. I'm just not sick enough. I have to pass out and have blood oozing from my pores to get anyone to listen. I am really p*ssed right now.

    Thanks for letting me rant.
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    Rant away. And, while you're laying there trying to convalesce, I want you to think of the sneakiest punishment you can come up with. I once ***accidentally*** bleached one of husband's favorite navy tee's after he refused to change Duckie's diaper and I was suffering from a bout of food poisoning. He was tired from working all day, the poor baby. :furious:
  3. Marguerite

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    The best punishment is to go on strike. Not out of spite, but simply being unable. If they have to feed themselves, deal with the consequences of dogs not being toileted outside (ie having to clean up the mess the dogs make overnight) then maybe they'll pay a bit more attention when you ask for help.

  4. susiestar

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    Lock the dogs in the room with the kid. So they have to get up. If they only let the dog out of the room and not the house, they clean the mess.

    Then have some fun when you feel better. Bleach is a nice toy with other people's clothing. If they don't like the pretty pictures you make with the spray bottle or the ketchup dispenser type bottle, then they can do the laundry, can't they??

    If they don't like what you do, cook only what YOU like. Liver, artichokes, whatever. The grossest punishment I ever got was fried bologna for dinner. I didn't like bologna, and I certainly didn't like it fried.

    Well, actually, mustard glop was worse. Dad had to cook when mom went back to school. He started experimenting. It got scary when he served cooked ground beef (undrained) mixed with LOTS of mustard, powdered mustard, and jalapenos. Even the neighbor's dog (our dog was a picky eater, the neighbor's wasn't) wouldn't eat that stuff.

    What else can you mix up?? Can you get the wrong food at the store for your husband or children? Tell their little friendies they can't talk because they have to go to the bathroom, no one likes a poopy person?

    You may also get good ideas from the movie, "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days". And it will entertain you while you watch it!

  5. Hound dog

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    Go out and treat yourself to two bright red blouses. Wash one with husband and the kids whites on Hot water. Toss that blouse. Keep the second blouse (doesn't really have to be red lol) for yourself.

    husband and the kids have had more than their fair share of bright pink underwear that way. lmao

    Actually, I like the "go on strike" idea. That's what I do anymore. I figure they're all big enough to take care of themselves. So no more all but killing myself trying to keep the house functioning while I'm sick. (which always made me sick twice as long as everyone else)

    That and I don't do nuturing for any of them when they're sick anymore.

    Take care of yourself so you can actually get well. They're up to caring for themselves and the house while you're down and out.

    Hope you get over it soon.

  6. TerryJ2

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    ROFL! You all are evil!!! LOL.
    So, tonight I make artichokes (I happen to have some in the fridge), decaf tea, and dark chocolate Dove Easter eggs.
    I don't care what everyone else eats.

    I've already run the laundry through twice this a.m. ... it sat all day yesterday and stunk. My husband thinks he's being efficient by putting it in the dryer, but he never smells it or cares how long it's been there. I'm obvoiusly going to have to keep my laundry separate.

    I'm wondering if I should email a heads-up to difficult child's teacher about the mildewy clothes he'll be wearing, compliments of everyone *but* his mother doing the laundry? It's really not fair to her to have to put up with-that all day long ...

    Meanwhile, I have to call the hospital in NYC to see if my crazy cousin was kept overnight.
    My little sister is flying in for a stationery trade show and I've got to make a poster at Kinko's, bring her a floor easel, a plant, and a coffee pot tomorrow. I should be stronger by then. At least the dizziness and fever are gone.
  7. DDD

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    Lordy, Lordy. I "wish" I didn't understand your post. :surprise:

    My hands are better after a few days of "resting them" and taking Advil.

    My family is SO HAPPY that I am "feeling better". "Things really don't get done right, Mama, when you are sick." :sheepish:

    If you take the three guys, add their ages, divide by three you get
    THREE, THIRTY FOUR year old males who don't "feel up to" emptying the dishwasher? loading laundry AND transferring it before it gets yucky?
    boiling hot dogs and opening a can of beans. Good Grief. DDD

    Hope each day you feel better!
  8. KTMom91

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    Sounds like my house! I was down with the flu for three weeks, just went back to work last Friday. Since all I was wearing was sweatpants and comfortable T-shirts, I didn't do laundry. I have a huge selection of those items. I didn't feel like eating very much, so I didn't cook. Since I really wasn't eating, I didn't do dishes. Miss KT informed me, most upset, that she had no clean clothes. I said, "Wash them." She was hungry. I said, "Make a sandwich." She wanted a ride to school. I said, "You have feet." Hubby helped out by bringing the most amazing food selections from every fast food restaurant in town home for dinner, but he was upset when I didn't get up to fix his breakfast and pack his lunch.
  9. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Arrragh! KT mom!!!!
    I like your response to Miss KT. But your hubby was put out? I'd put HIM out with-the cat!
    I've finally gotten my husband mildly interested in my cousin's case. She is still in the ER, after 16 hrs, and finally got admitted but there are no rooms! I hate NY! I can't arrange for her to go to a nursing home until I talk to a social wkr, and she can't be assigned one until she has a room. They can't even guarantee a nursing home because she has Medicare ... I know she has a cpl small CDs she could cash in but I would have to fly up and do that for her ...
    Meanwhile, I'm hacking up a hairball, my little sister is in VA Beach waiting for me to bring supplies, and my kids are on Winter Break.
    Things come in threes... that's three, right? No, that's four, incl. my cousin falling. Who makes up these things?
  10. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I hope you get to feeling better soon...
  11. flutterbee

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    Surprisingly enough, the world does not come to a screeching halt if the dishes don't get done, clothes don't get washed and dinner isn't made.

    Like the others have mentioned, go on strike. Out of necessity for now, and out of principal after you're better. Seriously! Your children and your husband are old enough to do laundry and prepare food.

    difficult child's dad never put anything away and couldn't even get his clothes into the hamper. They'd be on the floor around the hamper, but not IN it. I quit washing anything that wasn't IN the hamper - hanging over the side of the hamper or on the floor in front of the hamper didn't count. It wasn't long until he was washing all of his own clothes. I'm not a maid. If he didn't have enough respect for me to travel that extra 10 inches to make sure the clothes weren't strewn all over the floor, I wasn't washing them.

    When I became ill, the house frequently looked as if it exploded on itself. Why? Because I was no longer capable of picking up after everyone. difficult child couldn't have cared less. But, easy child hates a mess. Thing is, he never had to clean it up before; I always had. So, he'd constantly b*tch and moan about the house, blah, blah, blah. Even called me lazy and selfish. I told him if it bothered him that much he could clean it. Otherwise, I didn't want to hear it.

    What it really boils down to for me is when others show so little respect for me, I will respond accordingly.
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Well put Heather.

    Terry I hope you've been able to get some rest, and that you're feeling better today.

  13. TerryJ2

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    Thank you. I was able to help my sister set up, and we had a nice dinner in VA Beach.
    But now my cold is in my chest ...
    and my cousin says she's in the same room where her husband died!