Just me again venting...


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difficult child#1 is still in foster home. Originally we were looking at the end of the school year, which is next week, for her to return home. Nothing has really changed with her. She thinks she has changed and really wants to come home but when pressed about it, what she really wants is to return home so she can hang out with her friends. Her foster home is in another town, 30 minutes away. She continues to go to the same school with the school department providing transportation. Foster Mom, therapist and DSS social worker all agree that she is not ready. I felt really good about this because I was afraid that I would come off as the cold mom refusing to take her child back. difficult child#1 had a 2 night visit over Memorial Day weekend, and couldn't even hold it together. I got an email yesterday from foster mom saying she is trying to ger difficult child#1 a job, but hasn't had any luck yet. She said that if difficult child#1 isn't involved in any STRUCTURED activity, be it a job or some type of program, she doesn't know if she can continue to keep her. This kind of irked me because as far as I know she has only spent a week looking into jobs. I am going to call the DSS social worker today to find out what is up with that!
difficult child#2 is doing poorly in school. I had a meeting with team of teachers at school who reported that at present, he is failing Math and Science and has a D in English and Social Studies. I let them know briefly of the situation at home and how difficult child#2 may be reacting to that. difficult child#2's medications have been changed also. psychiatrist increased Metadate and risperdal. The increase in Metadate started today. So, now difficult child#2 is staying after 3 days this week to do some extra work to bring his grades up. The teachers were very willing to help in this way because they can see that he is a bright kid but that something is just a little off for him. They had positive things to say about him, that he is polite, to teachers and to other students, and that he excels in drawing. He really is a sweet boy, but it takes so much effort for him to do good in school and he just runs out of steam.
difficult child#3's IEP was updated last week. The meeting was also to discuss his moving on to Kindergarten in the fall. Of course, they asked me what I thought and I shared that based on the reports from the kindergarten screeening in May, that I would like to see him stay another year in preschool, and be ahead of the game for Kindergarten the following year, instead of struggling this fall. They agreed that although he is making progress, he would defintely benefit from another year of preschool, and the fact that they just adore him. It was also recommended that he attend the summer program where he will continue to receive speech and Occupational Therapist (OT), as well as an adaptive PE class. I am pleased with this.

And...husband had a heart attack Mem. Day night. He was taken by ambulance from our house to the local ER, spent only 15 minutes there and was medication flighted to Boston, where he had the angioplasty and had a stent placed in the artery where there was a clot. He had 2 other blockages that they will treat with medication. He is fine now, and home but crabby as heck as he has stopped smoking. He'll be home for 6 weeks, with 100% pay, THANK GOD. So, basically that is my life right now! I continue to struggle with my own issues. I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and he gave me a Rx for Ativan, as needed for those moments when I am on the verge of "flipping out". Thanks for letting me rant!
I'm glad your husband is ok!!! I'll be praying that his recovery continues to go smoothly!!!

You have so much going on right now. I'm glad you're taking care of yourself by seeing your psychiatrist.

Sending lots of cyber hugs...WFEN :flower:


:smile: Where do you find the time? hope husband is doing better, what a scarey thing.


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glad to hear husband is on the mend.

i think foster mom's point was that difficult child NEEDS structure. that she doesn't do well with-free time. she didn't say difficult child had to have a job by next week. summer is here & having her sit around the house 24/7 or wandering about town is a recipe for disaster. if foster mom is the one trying to hook her up with-a job then she's going above the call of duty....is difficult child being cooperative in the job search or is she arguing & self~sabotaging?



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Just having the Ativan available will give you a sense of control
....when things are getting out of control. I have one Rx that
was filled 1/8/06 that still has a couple of pills in the bottle
and difficult child and I share the Ativan on an as needed basis. We have
both found it very helpful on the occasions when things just got
to be "too much". Good luck. You sure do have a full plate. DDD