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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bugsy, Aug 28, 2008.

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    AAAAHHH! I can't take anymore.

    1. The BBQ broke and no money to buy a new one. ( ok, we can certainly live without a grill)

    2. Before major rains in the area we noticed a ceiling leak in our daughter's bedroom. (Built house about 2 years ago but this is not covered. (HOW CAN THAT BE???)

    3. Our son started a new school for children with disabilities on Monday. Day 1 very good, Day 2 Very good. Day three--due to enormous rain the school had terrible flooding and school is closed until atleast wednesday the 3rd. (It has been a LOOONG summer and he needs the routine and SO DO I)

    4. The drier broke. Now I have to schlep the clothes to my parents home, of course with my son since he is not in school.

    5. We have landscape issues when it rains so of course I was going to try to get someone in this week to give estimates but with the enormous rain I did not get someone in. The land has some bad erosion spots and the pounding of rain has caused some lovely Carolina red clay mud to wash right into the cul de sac-LOVELY!

    6. I went for an evaluation conference for vision/perception for my son. Not much of a shock, yet still sad, that my son (who is 7, started 2nd grade for 2 days) scored 1-3 years below age level for many, actually most of the testing. Great improvement with 4 years of Occupational Therapist (OT) :( Atleast the child who is supposed to be mildly dyslexic scored in the 4th grade level for sight word and decoding ability--GO FIGURE!
    Now we need to add onto Occupational Therapist (OT), vision therapy for $135 a session, with an estimated need of 72 sessions.

    To sum it up---There is no money for a landscaping, the drier, fixing a ceiling, a grill, or for vision therapy. This all happened this week. An estimate of $13,000 needed.

    Gotta go look under the cusions for pennies now.

    Thanks for listening,
    Bugsy's mom
  2. You are defintely having a time of it. I hope it gets better. Seriously!
  3. amazeofgrace

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    so sorry <<HUGS>> when it rains it poors, no pun intended
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    Oh, I have been there. Sometimes I just have to live on the planet of denial, because I just cannot pull dollars out my bu**. Usually (for me anyways) after things get really bad they do get better. Hang in there, by your teeth if necessary. Do something for you, even if it is after your son starts school again and if it is just a hot bath or a long walk.
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    Wow...so sorry you're going through all of this. Hope things smooth out very soon.