Just one small pat on the back for mom~

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Mar 17, 2008.

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    So, last night before bed I went to the laundry room to get my stuff and noticed that difficult child, in her haste to dash out to monkeyboy's house, never put her 2nd load of laundry in - the one with her work pants in it!! I hesitated barely a full second because I worried she wouldn't have clean clothes for work; I shook the fog from my head, turned out the light and went upstairs. I never put the laundry in! Yeah for me.

    And then today, I went home at lunch to get the corned beef and cabbage going in my crock and difficult child asked me if I could drive her to work later. I said "Sure but what will you do for me, and what's wrong with your car?"..."it's running on fumes. I have no gas". I told her "I will bring you but you'd have to get a ride home at 10PM, that is unless you're going out" and she said, "well I have to come home first so P (that's my H) can give me me money for gas first" !!!!!:furious:

    <me biting tongue> then,

    "I don't think H will give you money, but why would you go out at 10:30 anyway if you have to be home at 11:30?"

    difficult child: "Because mom, it's St Patrick's Day!" (we are not Irish, well, H is, but we're not).

    Baaahaaahaaaaa--------------me: "you can finish and clear your laundry out of the machines, clean the bathroom and take the dogs out and if those things are done when I get home later, I will drive you to work"

    I didn't do her laundry
    I didn't give her money
    I didn't yell

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    Way To Go, Mom!
  3. WhymeMom?

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    I am standing up in my family room applauding your reactions to difficult child's antics........WAY TO GO!
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    Yeah for you!!!
    Jog-Jog, she's the wo-man
    If she can do it; we all can!!!
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    Way to go, Jo!
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    Good job!

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    I just grabbed Tink's pom-poms.

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    Way To Go!!!

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    Thanks, you'd think I just saved the planet or something! I am just so happy that I didn't play the same old tapes in my head and react the same old way. I told H and warned him she was going to ask for money and he said he felt so used...lol. Then he said that he has a soft spot for both the girls, though in different ways and has a hard time saying no. I told him she needs to feel the pinch or she will never learn and I forbade him give her money tonight.

    Well, the little vixen called from work and asked H if he would give her gas money. I walked away, so sure that he would listen after feeling so used....but no, he told her he'd give her some money. Urgh. It's just infuriating.