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    How do these people become judges on these court TV shows? I have noticed that there are about 7-8 of them on TV around here and they all claim to be "real" judges. Now I don't think our local government is assigning them to a TV show. Yet, if they aren't appointed as a judge, then they aren't a "real" judge, correct? So how is this happening? Who is appointing them to a judgeship on TV?
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    Judge Greg Mathis is a real Judge in Detroit I believe. Judge Joe Brown works out of Texas I believe. Peoples Court is in NYC but she got her law degree at University of Miami and worked in the courts in FL for a long time. Judge Alex Perez is out of the FL courts too. He actually still does some active cases. He came up from cop, to DA to Judge. Not sure about Judge David Young...assuming same thing. Akim Anastopulo is a lawyer in SC and does not actively sit as a judge, he presides over cases in a mock forum for his show. There are a couple of other Judge shows out there that I dont get anymore but have seen. Most judges that have to say they are judges are real judges. They have simply left the criminal bench for a reason for a time period and want to do tv for a respite period. Good money.
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    I think once you are a judge, no matter what level, you can carry the title............ I would assume they have law degrees and are not former beauty contest judges................. Would think many are characters who enjoy the lifestyle of a public personality with the power to decide........... many strike me as trying to get back to common sense and not necessarily the finest letter of the law............... take it for what it is worth.................