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I had my sleep study and I am being put on a Cpap for sleep apnea. Dr. is on vacation this week so I don't get in to see him until the end of the following week. I am sure after a few months on the machine I be getting better sleep and feeling better.

I still have the other test at the end of the month and PT 2-3 times a week. I try to schedule everything in blocks doing all withing three days so i can escape to the beach for 4-5 days inbetween.

I spent five days at the beach the week of the 4th and enjoyed having my grandchildren with me. They were as good as gold.

My difficult child#1 came out with her husband and his sister and her husband. Unfortunately that was a bit of an ordeal. They are all so self absorbed. They turned the house upside down, used up all my paper supplies so I had no paper plates and had to wash dishes constantly. Never cleaned up after themselves and just dominated my home and made me and the kids uncomfortable like we were in their way. difficult child#1 was PMSing and moody as all get out. Sulking when she didn't get her way and just generally hard to be around. This is the second year in a row like that.

My husband and I are going to tell them next year that they will have to come some other weekend. We are going to keep the 4th celebrations for the grandchildren only. When they finally went home my grandson asked if they were comming back and when I told him no he said "so it will just be us from now on?" When I told him yes he said "Good! Just like the old days!" :smile: We stayed down an extra day so we all could just relax.

On the positive side, The little ones were in the parade and had a blast. husband pulled them in a wagon since it is still too long a trek for them to ride on their bikes. We are hoping they will be up to it next year and then I will be able to go also. The fireworks were spectacular. We could watch them from my deck but it got a bit buggy so we went inside and watched from the windows. Perfect view from my bedroom. We (husband, ME, AND GRANKIDS) layed on my bed and just watched the show. The kids drifted off to sleep before it was over. So sweet.

I am going back in a few days. I have more medical stuff to take care of the beginning part of this week and then I can squeeze out a week back at the beach. After that I am on the run again. I have a wedding in NY and a visit to sister in law at Lake George. Then back here for icky test and then back to the beach the for a week in Aug when I have the grandchildren again. There will be alot going on that week as it is the centennial celebration of the town. Should be fun.

So it is looking like I will have had a total of at least three weeks out there this summer. That is good. Hopefully by Sept. all medical stuff will be taken care of and I will be able to take some time to paint and do my photography and get some artwork ready for next year's gallery season.

On another note, difficult child has begun the Freedom program at the prison again. Hopefully three times is the winning number and he will complete the course this time. He remains at forth on the list for a group home. If he does this program I might be able to convince his PO to let him out of jail and get him into a medical facility while he is still covered by our insurance. That way maybe we can get a new diagnosis and also get him on medications that will work for him.

I am thinking of you all and continue to pray that all of our lives get easier. Please remember to take care of yourselves also. -RM


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Hey RM.

The time at the beach with the grand kids sounds wonderful! I think being a grandparent is such a special thing. I find myself enjoying the kids much more this second time around.

I do hope you get more restful sleep with the CPAP machine. Dont let the kids see you with it on! You will look like Darth Vader...lol.

Hope the rest of the tests come out ok.


My mom has a Cpap machine. Way back when she first got it I tried to put it on. It choked me. Like when you blow in a baby's face. There was so much air shooting at me I couldn't breathe. I am sure they have improved since then. She still has one, but she is in a nursing home and it is not visible. They put it away at night. (I hope)

We noticed immediately that she was much more rested. She use to fall asleep anytime, anywhere. I remember once she opened the refrigerator and was leaning over the door and started snoring! lol. We also could tell if she didn't use it at night.

Hope it gets you the much needed rest. With that and time at the beach, sounds like a perfect summer.
Oh lawdy...I was put on a cpap machine a few months ago. I was sure I would love having it, and love having a great night's sleep.

Instead, I hated it. Like KJs said, it felt like I could not exhale. You could adjust it so the incoming air started out slow, then got stronger as you fell asleep.

I chose the least invasive mask too (a brand new one that only goes over your nostrils instead of your entire face). Still, even after 3 months, I still wake up in the morning and find the mask in the corner of the room going "whzzzzzzzzzzzz". At some point in the night, I tear the dang thing off and hurl it in my sleep.

Ever morning it's a game. Let's find mommy's mask. Is it stuck in the blinds today? Did it fly into the closet? Did mommy shove it under the mattress?

As it stands, my apnea got a whole lot better since I quit smoking a month ago. I still have it, but not as bad.

Now with my breathing broblems, I just can't breathe during the DAY.

I hope you have a better experience than I do!


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I don't know what you all are complaing about. Breathing is overrated!!!! LOL

Good luck sleeping with the new gadget. My brother-in-law sleeps with one. His wife can't sleep in the same bed with him without it.


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Janet, The grandkids are a true blessing. I don't know what I would do without the joy they have brought to my life. Im not stressing over the comming tests I do not think they will find anything serious. Thanks for the good thoughts though, a little insurance is a good thing.

KJS, Rest is what I need and if it means having a hose hooked up to my face then that is what I'l do. LOL

ALS, Thanks for the good thoughts. As with most things in life there is a learning curve. in my humble opinion Breathing is better than suffocating so I will give it my best shot.

BBK, Do you have a machine with exhale relief? If not talk to your doctor about getting one. Even though your better since you stopped smoking you most likely still have apnea and still need your machine. Auto-flex or C-flex give pressure relief on the exhale or you doctor could prescribe a Bipap which has two different pressures programed in one for the inhale and one for the exhale. A good support site is CPAPtalk.com Lots of good advice and support given there. -RM

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Good to hear from you. I hope the machine will have you getting restful sleep soon. Sounds like you are totally enjoying the grandkids! The beach sounds heavenly! I hope all the other tests turn out well. Hugs.


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RM, the holiday with the grandkids sounds wonderful. As for the selfish older ones, they were probably taking their lead from difficult child. And if you can't get HER to contribute, they won't know to. You have to ask them. And if they get huffy and leave, surely that's a blessing when they're behaving that way?

Good luck with the rest of the medical stuff.

About the CPAP mask, I have a friend whose partner uses CPAP. He finds the mask a bit too firm sometimes so she explored the 'Net and found a very soft silicone option, and ordered several. They come from the US, so you should be able to get them easily.



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Hey RM!

Good luck with the machine and all. I don't know much about it. SO's dad was on it a while, said it was hard for him to get used to. Dunno if he's still using it, but I hope you have success with it.

The beach sounds awesome. How great the kids were so good for you. I'm glad you had fun, you certainly deserve it!

Nice to see you :smile:

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I have sleep apnea and use a bi-pap and it has made a big difference in me NOT dozing off at work a few times a day.

SO and I look like quite a pair at night as he has one as well - it took me a while to get used to it. Mine uses distilled water so the air isn't so dry, and I have a "ramp" that I use when I turn it on that makes the air gear up slowly.

I can really tell the difference if I don't use it..



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I'm praying everything goes well for your difficult child. The beach sounds great. Wish we could all be there with you :smile: