Just saying hi, have a new granddaughter

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by catwoman, Apr 6, 2008.

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    easy child daughter had a new baby on 3/12, Chloe Elizabeth. Her fourth and hopefully last! Both are doing fine. I spent a week with them in NJ to help with the other kids. As much as I love visiting my grandkids, the adults drove me nuts! Daughter has been off her Paxil during the pregnancy and son in law, who's a recovering addict/alcoholic has been off his medications for months. You can only imagine.
    difficult child son visited his sister in the hospital and ended up leaving upset because she was rude to him. She's a germ-a-phobe to begin with, when she's off medications she becomes obsessed. Five years ago when difficult child was in juvie, he tested positive for TB. Every doctor we've checked with said it means he was exposed to it at some point, he doesn't have TB, nor is he contagious. He was excited about seeing his new niece and his sister freaked out when she saw him, in front of a room full of people. Being a difficult child he took it really badly and left crying. I'm trying really hard to stay out of it, it's between them.
    It's so hard watching both of them struggle. difficult child is still off his medications too, why do they insist on doing everything the hard way?
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    congrats on the new grandbaby.... sorry it was a rough time for you...adults can be bigger children than actual children can't they?
    it is smart for you to let them iron out their own differences without getting too involved...
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    Ahhhh I love the name Chloe!

    Congratulations on Being a new G'ma to the 4th power!

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    Major congrats on the new grandbaby.

    I didn't like the name Chloe the first time I heard it years ago. But it's a name that has definately grown on me.

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    Well, I'm delighted that she named her daughter after my newest "daughter" (see my signature :) )! I'm sorry about the confrontation at the hospital- you are wise to stay our of it.


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    Congrats!! Always love little babies....as long as they are someone else's. ;)i

    Sorry difficult child was hurt. I can see that.

    Enjoy the baby!