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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Jan 31, 2014.

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    and laughing although it really isn't funny.

    Yesterday difficult child was riding in the backseat while husband and I were in the front headed home. He had brought some "gold" $1 coins to buy himself some fries. All of a sudden he blurted out that he had just swallowed the coin. He is 16 years old!!! We have told him for years not to put things in his mouth.

    So being the parent of a difficult child and needing a sense of humor to survive. I cracked up laughing, so did husband. We told him maybe he would listen to us now about not putting things in his mouth (or nose, or ear, etc...). Of course, we told him we would have to tell his aunts, uncles, and cousins so he better be ready for some good natured teasing.

    He then proceeded to ask us in a joking manner, "Do you think I have enough iron in my diet now?" (He doesn't realize that there might not be any iron in it but we still all giggled about it.)

    I did call the doctor and now we get to be on "stool watch" for 2 weeks because if it doesn't pass he may need an endoscopy. Sigh... Thought he would have outgrown this by now.
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    To some people, things just happen bit more often that for others... :D

    in my opinion, his ability to laugh at himself and handle others laughing and teasing him a bit is a big thing here. Yes, swallowing coins, or putting things to your nose or ears, are things that more frequently happen in pre-kindergarten cohort, but it has known to happen in older age groups, even with people, who have no alphabet soup diagnoses to explain it.

    Having my kid, who certainly isn't above swallowing coins either, in the bigger group of young man, whom are mostly considered to be "in normal range", it is kind of comforting that they actually seem to have a frame of reference for people to whom these kind of things just happen and my kid is not an only 'flighty' person there. :p

    And let's face it, those explanations on how this or that actually did happen or was possible to happen can be highly entertaining. LOL
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    Angel's last trip to the ER was from swallowing a pop tab she had been chewing on, so yep I had a 17yo swallow jagged metal UGH!

    Make sure you let us know if his body decides to break that down into smaller coins so we can notify the believe it or not people (are they still around? that was a great show)

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    Thanks Ladies! I am glad I'm not the only one who has a sense of humor about it. I was a little worried I wasn't being a very good mom by laughing with him about it but with difficult child you have to have a sense of humor. I'm so appreciative that he does have a good sense of humor (when he isn't angry about something).