Just sharing to relieve some stress. You don't even have to read it, lol.

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    difficult child#1 applied for disability years ago following his Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) brain surgery. I did not participate in the process because I was then convinced and remain convinced that he doesn't have a shot at approval. He was turned down and the attorneys have him scheduled for the third hearing next month.

    I'm trying to avoid all stress as much as possible lately but old habits die hard. Even tho I have never expected him to be successful getting disability yesterday I found my stress increasing when he got a call telling him that he has an appointment. with same local psychologist who determined difficult child#2 should be cut off from his disability/medicaid coverage. When difficult child#2 began living with me in elementary school (although he had stayed with us five out of seven days prior to that) I took him twice a week for counseling with this man and I was not impressed. He's not an "evil" man but he is not sharp enough to even be in the pin pack. Ugh!

    I'm trying to "accept the things I can not change" but this Dude is supplementing his income healthily by determining that anyone who is not totally disabled is capable of working repetitive manufacturing jobs..in a community with no manufacturing. End of vent. Deep breathing time. Sigh. Exhale. Think positive and healthy thoughts. DDD
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    Feel better? Hugs~
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    Well darn. Maybe he'll see the doctor on a good day..........and maybe doctor will at least be able to understand Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is something totally different.

    Travis just finished his first go around. Well, I think he's finished as they've not scheduled anymore appointments. Now it's the pins and needles part. But I am refusing to over worry it. I have no control over it. But I will tell you that while the psychologist may have been good at what they do, she's not in my opinion one to test for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) aspects & functioning, the training is not there. But evidently disability thinks otherwise. I've noticed too, they don't tend to pick the brightest peas in the pod either. I thought their docs would be expert hard core whatever..........phht. Let's just say there is only one of them I'd have chosen to take Travis to see on my own, and that is because although quite young (think wet diploma here) he had the capacity to listen and actually hear what you're saying which put him way ahead of the others. Know what I mean??

    I don't know how one qualifies to be one of their docs, but in my opinion it sure doesn't much experience or knowledge.
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    I was told straight out, because of my child being Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), that they NEVER say "yes" until the fourth time. In fact, the request for disability never gets seen by the right people until the fourth time.

    My son has high functioning autism (and it IS high functioning...he does better than most kids who are labeled Aspies) and he got disability and all the services he needs that go with it. Even more telling, *I* got disability and I wasn't even fishing for it...I had gone to the department of workforce development and I had to take a test and have a job assessment at a sheltered workshop before they would work with me...plus I had to apply for disability. So I did all of that expecting to find out that DDW will work with me. Instead I got ok'd for disability, which shocked me. I have a part-time job too and I still get it.

    DON'T GIVE UP!!!! A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is serious. He may be able to work in a very easy job, but he needs to be able to COMPETE in the workforce to count as not disabled. If the only thing he can do well is stack boxes, that's not enough, at least not in Wisconsin.

    We never even bothered with an attorney. I *have* heard that Florida is bad for any sort of entitlement programs though. I know all states are different.
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    Oh gosh .....really hoping this could just be approved and off your list. Keep venting. Much better than holding it in.
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    Seeing how Rob is continuing to struggle two years after his Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has me crossing all possible body parts for a good outcome for difficult child 1, DDD.

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    Hang in there! It is a long road but one worth traveling. Everyone is absolutely right on it. Even if not this time, another but having a lawyer definitely makes a big difference, though sometimes there aren't such good ones for it. Depends on their motivation. I think things will work out in the end. Hang tight. {hugs}
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    He had an appointment with the Attorney yesterday and was told "don't sweat it". Huh? Oh, well. As I said I am NOT going to stress out about it but it was a relief just to vent. Thanks. DDD