Just something very nice I heard this morning....wanted to share with you!

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    I took my dog to the vet....so we started talking about the kids, ect.

    She told me this funny story that made me just feel so much better and hopefull regarding parenting a strong-willed child:

    She said that when her daughter was 5 yr old they went on a hiking weakend in the Magallies Mountans. The one day they climbed down the mountain and when it was time to go back up her stubbern daughter just refused to (you know....the type of refusal you won't understand untill you had one!) So she carried her up the mountain (being 8 months pregnant and all). She and her husband promised themselves that they will NEVER go on an hiking again until she was much older!

    Ok...so when this daughter was 10 yr old...they went to the Magallies Mountains again.....climbed down the hill for a swim and later that evening they had to climb up again. AGAIN her daughter refused to....so the mom had no other choice than to PULL her up the mountain by her arms. The daughter hooked her ancle around a suggarbush to prevent mom from pulling her uphill. The vet pulled her so hard that she unrooted the suggarbush and pulled her daughter with the suggarbush still rapped around her ancle all the way up the mountain!

    She says that this daughter turned out to be actually a well behaved, hard working student now and that we as parents must never give up hope...Keep on loving them and try and use what they give us.

    I thought this was a brave story of perserverance!
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