Just spoke with county case manager, school officer, and police chief

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Nov 12, 2010.

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    Theh case mgr has been digging info up for me, and she has found that, again, the juvenile office is going to see a kid who has services to the hilt, and they aren't going to get involved. Her source said this is the school's attempt to get more services, but again, there's nothing more to give.

    I also saw SRO and Chief. Literally ran into them, so I asked. Chief is still visibly sick about his part in this whole deal. SRO has gotten nothing but good reports from the principal and SD for the past 3+ weeks, so he is going to call his contact at juvenile office and ask her to at least not make Wee go to this meeting, and he's also going to ask her to just leave well enough alone for now. We've got the new para, the FBA coming...

    I am goiing to pick up the reports and meet with an attorney now.
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    Sounds like the principal is over the line and everyone knows it except perhaps her...
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    ... and hopefully it will slap her upside the head unawares.
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    You are a great advocate for Wee. Wouldn't it be a wonderful meeting if the judge orders the district to pay for your attorney, provide all of the services Wee needs, and the principal gets her comeuppance!!!!

    And meanwhile, Wee doesn't have to be there and has a great day at school.
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    I hope that's how it turns out and maybe it really is that different in other places. Here- all county agencies stick together when it comes to dealing with a child/parent/family. The court will back up the school. If you want half a chance of a court being unbiased and objective, it would have to go higher than the local jurisdiction- state ...maybe a chance but not much. Federal, yep, a chance. But not all places are the same. I just fear for Wee and Shari that it could be a situation of the sd saying they can't do anymore but cannot keep him under control or keep on like this, Shari saying it's not a home problem, courts saying they have nothing but intensive family therapy they can order at this point...Shari learns that's the only way to try to get to more services even if she knows they will fail. SD keeps throwing Wee back to the court system...and round and round they go until Wee is older and maybe does something worse then courts incarcerate him.

    But, that waws my experience and I'm trying really hard not to project it on Wee/Shari and be more hopeful for them. It just irks me that these people don't see and don't care that when the kid does become worse, it'[s because of the lack of appropriate help when he was younger and the way the actions they did take contributed to a developing anger and self-conflict in the kid until once he's a young teen, you really have a difficult child with skewed thinking.
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    good job! you never know JJJ could be right on this one! this may turn to your advantage. good from bad? hmm story of our lives right. lemons into lemonade. yes i know gay lol. good luck. your doing a great job. i really hope this does turn around enough is enough already.

    surprised you aren't running to that chicken coop yet. take sometime for you and husband this weekend somehow.
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    I just pray something goes right.
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    Sending hugs and prayers.
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    Here our mental health, legal issues and school district are completely separate entities and they dont tend to back each other up. Its pretty much rare that they do.
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    Shari ~ I remember these days with wm (heck it was just a year ago we were dealing with this stuff). I don't step in @ 15/16 years of age; I stepped in at young Wee's age.

    You're doing a remarkable job; please please please find some sort of respite. This level of stress will take you down faster than you know.
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    I know, Linda. My head has pounded and I have fought nausea since the notice to appear arrived. I am going to doctor tomorrow, tho I think pharmaceuticals is not the real answer, I'm not sure what else to do at the moment. As you well know, there's not always a viable "choice" at this point.

    Thank you, all, for your support. I could not do this without the support I find here.
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    When is the hearing? I hope that it goes well.

    That principal needs to be slapped upside the head with my cast iron frying pan. How could she do this to you? It's not like your one of those mothers who says, "Oh, it's just a phase. He'll grow out of it." You have been the one on the front lines with Wee, doing everything possible to make things better for him, and this is what this lady does to you?

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    About all the costs, Shari - keep a note of your health costs too, and talk to your attorney about them. Because if you get the chance to raise this in court, mention the damage this is doing to your health when you already have far more than your fair share of problems with Wee's condition. What right have they, how dare they, make your life more a misery, just because they are trying to abdicate their own responsibilities to help you?

    Ask the attorney and keep files. You may never get the chance to do anything about it, but then - you may...