just tell me, what is the point? why do I bother? etc.?

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    All week long, I've been running here and there, and telephoning what seems zillions of people, going to meetings with DS19 in an effort to secure an apprenticeship in butchery, or even some work experience that would lead to an apprenticeship. Encouraging DS19 to take in resumes, make calls and take charge for himself.
    Through this, I was able to get a couple butchers really interested in helping him.....
    Also I've had to deal with bureaucrats at Centrelink (our welfare system) who want him to apply for at least 10 jobs a fortnight, make calls, and go into their office to search on the internet for jobs. I went to one such meeting, where they asked a whole bunch of questions of Ds, and he couldn't even answer them intelligently!!!!

    Now, today, DS comes home from his casual job and says **** told me about an onion picking job at G**, can we go see about it? I tell him, he has a casual job, and next week we have a meeting here... and a meeting there... relating to setting up the work experience which means that hopefully the following week, he would be doing work experience for a couple weeks. And then, if he does well, they'll sign him up. When do you think you'll have time to do the onion picking job (he wouldn't suit it, anyway, I just know it)... Well, inbetween, I could do work experience, and my present job, well, I could have a change couldn't I? And it pays more I think.....

    Well, no, you have a casual job, and (repeated the schedule for next two weeks) , were you going to ride your bike there???? (Cos, honestly, I'm tired of driving everywhere!) that canned it!

    THEN.... he says, well, I don't know if I'll want to work at *** because they don't pay so well, and they don't have so much experience .....
    You know mate, you'll be starting at the bottom, they ALL don't pay so well, but it's more than your welfare payment per hour... and you've got a trade. Actually, by now I was about to cry, since I'd cajoled, and pleaded all week to get this job sorted out... He didn't like the idea of doing work experience at one butcher, because it was small, he didn't want work experience at another for another reason..... He didn't quit until he'd wrung out all the enthusiasm I'd worked up that I'd finally got somewhere in helping him along ....

    For the past six months I've been working at this (off and on as my enthusiasm has waxed and waned over times) and now ....

    So, what is the point???

    End of whinge.... for now
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    Hang in there, mom! (though, I am sure you are exhausted). It looks as though your son is quite motivated and that is a good thing!

    It can be very hard for us parents to sit tight until things (regularly crossing my fingers) fall into place. Sometimes I need to take a break from my son, since he tries my patience; we hit heads. My son is an older teen and, so, to quote you, will need to "take charge for himself." (Good point you made.) :D

    Take care and hope you have a better day today.
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