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    easy child has been wanting a dog for a long time. She's dog people, having been raised with them. Past dogs haven't worked out that well because her husband is basically cat people.......if his family members had dogs they were lap dogs, and he hates lap dogs. (she only found that out AFTER adopting Buster the yorkie) The grandsons........well, they've longed for a dog of their own.......but have been raised with cats. It's taken me a year to give them their doggie manners. Know what I mean?? Maybe I should say puppy manners as they did fine with the older dogs.......if for no other reason than they were just always here.

    easy child had plans to put in a 6 ft privacy fence in the very near future. She'd told the boys they could have a dog once that is in place. (last time they had a dog at this residence it was stolen) But no puppies, had to be a grown dog. easy child thought the puppy stage is what was turning sister in law off to dogs.

    Connor and dogs? He likes to look at them. He loved Molly to death. She didn't move much. She never would think to jump up on him ect. Maggie? They've had a love at a distance thing going on until recently. She kisses him and he screams. Being Maggie.....of course she tries to kiss him to get him to be happy......which perpetuates the screaming. So again.......seemed like a grown dog was the answer.

    So I started looking. Yes, me. I've watched easy child adopt only to rehome too many dogs. I've watch Darrin get attached only to lose yet another friend/family member, it's hard on him. I figured it she was determined to get a dog and a grown one..........well, it was going to take a while to get the right "fit" for their family. Space is another issue. The house is small and crammed full of furniture and toys.

    As I found potential adoptees........easy child would evaluate them.....and usually shoot it down.........either because the dog was too big or they still don't have the fence. I finally told her that she's looking for a grown dog.........the perfect fit isn't necessarily going to show up on time to her schedule. So I kept looking.

    I spotted Ammo at the pound. Lab mix. Pound volunteers adored him, nothing but praise for his personality/behavior. Then we have the seizure of dogs from that hoarder and need to adopt dogs already in the pound became critical. Ammo......although they guessed him to be about 8 months old......would be put down in the near future if someone didn't take him home. I spoke with easy child. What she didn't know was that if she'd decided against Ammo.......I was going to go pick him up myself. But Brandon saw her looking at Ammo online and told her "Mommy, we gotta go get him, he's my bestest friend!" Brandon would NOT let it go that Ammo and he were bestest friends forever although he'd never met the dog. She went and met him.......but also took the time to meet the other dogs in the pound.

    The head volunteer said she'd never seen a more perfect match between dog and family.

    Ammo came home with them. He's been nothing short of perfect. He doesn't jump up. He doesn't chew. He loves everyone and everything.........and I DO mean he wuvs them all. But he will bark and growl at people walking by his home. He did have an issue with the crate at first. And he's learning to house train. But he is even an angel on a leash. He comes over and plays/walks with maggie almost every day.

    Now here is where it gets funny.

    I watch Ammo walk/play. I tell easy child that that is a baby walk, not a 8 month old dog walk. Even his play is wittle baby play, not older puppy play. easy child thinks he *might* be neutered.........until he rolls over. Again I say......easy child I think he is MUCH younger than you think.

    Ammo stands 2 inches taller than Maggie and you don't need a scale to see he out weighs her. (Maggie was 2 inches taller than Molly) He is already a Big dog. Know what I mean??

    So easy child takes him to the vet. Vet says no way is he 8 months old, more like 4 months old. Says the lab part is right but whatever he is mixed with is much larger than a lab. So far he's going to take after the larger breed in size, not appearance.

    easy child is going to have an enormous dog in an little house. LOL I just had to laugh when she told me. Cuz Ammo isn't going anywhere.........he's too perfect a fit and he is sooooooooo uber mellow that even the vet was amazed. Brandon and Connor adore him.......and that is a lot for Connor. Darrin is teaching him soccer and freesbie ect. Nope. This one is a keeper. Just cracks me up they'll be climbing all around him in a couple more months. :rofl:

    I have a feeling given his gait/personality that he *might* be lab/mastiff. Nichole thought Dane.....but he doesn't have the features really. Guess we'll wait and see.

    Meanwhile she could kill sister in law who has fallen head over heels for Rufus and wants to go adopt one just like him. hahhhaahhhaahaa. (not gonna tell you how many lab pups I showed her knowing that, he'd fallen bad for Rowdy)

    Ammo is going no where. He IS the perfect fit. Amazes me even with all my experiences with dogs/people. I'm glad I showed him to her.......and I'm glad she rescued him. He's a perfect rescue story so far. :)
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    AWWW! I miss our lab so much! I felt so very protected when he was around. Maybe when we get out of the military. But for now people wont rent to people with big dogs and we move to often to rehome every time we move. Plus I hate to rehome them unless it is necessary.
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    If he is that big, look at the head. Is it square at all and does he smile? Also what color is he? Post a picture of him and I can tell you if he has Mastiff in him. I know lots about the Bulldog/boxer/Mastiff and up breeds. Mastiffs are really great dogs. My Maggie was a pit/mastiff cross. At 9 weeks old she was the size of a beagle...lol.
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    He reminds me of a mastiff. But I dunno how much the lab is contributing..........Know what I mean??
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    Look at the size of his feet... and then at Maggie's feet. He will be HUGE!
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Yup :rofl:

    Those feet are enormous. And he grins huge. But then labs grin huge. At certain angles his head shape looks more lab........at others.......more mastiffish.......except I've not seen a mastiff puppy in person, just adults, so dunno. I have a Dane next door and the head shape / body thing is not even close.......size maybe......other than that no. I know he doesn't have the features of a GP or a ST B (even mixed, had a litter or two of those head shape is all wrong)

    And as for sister in law...............I can tell he is very fond of Ammo, regardless of his wanting a much younger puppy. sister in law bonds better with BIG dogs, and once HE bonds......that is IT. Which I also knew. :)

    It's hillarious though, he knows who his Nana is...........he knows where my house is..........and he that is the ONLY time he pulls on the leash.......to get to Nana's house and that big wonderful yard with Maggie and Rufus. LOL

    Due to size...........thank goodness he is a mellow fellow or she'd probably not be able to handle him. He's already catching on to commands although he acts like a dufus.
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    I noticed those big ole paws too. He's going to be a big guy. Nice that he's a mellow fellow, but I would be working on those doggie manners and commands with a vengeance. Especially, being that he's going to be a big dog in a small house. For me, even though my dogs are not big, I have to have dogs that are mellow in the house and can have a place I can banish them when they get underfoot when I am busy. Candi likes to go behind husband's recliner and Goldie likes to lay on our bathroom tile or in a small spot in our closet.
  9. DammitJanet

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    IC....that is what Im seeing too. I dont see the bone structure of a mastiff at all. They have a much broader forehead and the jaw line is very pronounced. Also the chest is very muscled. There are Mastiffs and Bull Mastiffs which are a smaller type of the breed. Ammo could be a plab. Look and see where the mouth meets under the eyes. If the end of the mouth ends almost under the eyes he could have a bit of pit in him. Some pits have that shape of head. Abby's head is shaped that way instead of the very square head. Abby has more of the Staffordshire head but the American Bulldog body. This makes Abby much larger than the average pit bull. She is only a year old and she can stand up and put her paws on my shoulders.
  10. nerfherder

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    I see some pit-ish body too, as the only other large dogs with that build I know are long or rough coated. (I was tempted to say something in the StB or Bernese strain, but it would show a lot in the coat.) And too stocky right now to be Dane.

    I suppose Rottie is another possibility, but if he's that mellow as a puppie - probably not. They're cattle-herding dogs (when they're not bred into stupidness by fight breeders, ptui feh feh feh a pox on their houses) and need to be kept busy or they go kind of crazy and unintentionally destructive.

    Dang, I forget the breed Nana was in Peter Pan. It's just at the tip of my tongue, darnit. Once again, they're shaggy, but if the smooth coat came out dominant - that would explain the laid back nature for sure. And the size. Yow.
  11. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Nichole and I have both remarked his head has sort of a pit-ish shape.......except it's already the size of most pitbulls I've seen.......and he is almost there body wise too. Like I said, depends on how you look at him. He is much stockier than the pics seem to show. He already weighs in about 55 lbs people and he's 4 months old. lol

    I've not seen a bernese mountain dog up close and personal. Just photos....and not familiar enough with that breed to comment either way. (I'm trying to think of large breeds here)

    It's not so easy to get him to hold still for a good photo as he wants lovies from whomever he is near, be it animal or a person.

    I've talked with easy child about the training and emphasized since she knows he will be large regardless (labs aren't small either by a long shot) she will need to really work on his training. From our walks he is already catching on to Wait and Go. easy child has decided to also use the Wait command as a Stay command as I do with Maggie. (seems otherwise they both look at us like we're stupid) Her biggest challenge is going to be the same one I had when my kids were still at home and I was training a dog; getting everyone to use the same commands consistently. It will help that her boys have helped me to some degree train Maggie........as they will Rufus. (I can't always be the one giving them commands)

    Maybe as he grows it will be easier to tell? As per the coat.................we had Rowdy (chow/lab mix, long dense heavy fur coat) / basset mix.........had pups come out looking like both parents, some with Mom's short fur, some with dad's. Rowdy fathered many a litter with the neighborhood rottie..........same result.........some had mom's fur, some had dads. (although those were the cutest darlings i've ever seen) Betsy came from the basset combo and she looked like a black version of her daddy with it's legs cut off. LOL Just a bit longer ears......although not basset length.
  12. nerfherder

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    NEWFOUNDLAND. That's it. The breed of dog Nana in Peter Pan is. A Newfie. Big kiddo-loving rugs of love. GIANT kiddo-loving rugs of love. If Marley wasn't spayed, I'd consider finding a Newfie to cross her with.
  13. Dixies_fire

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    American bulldog possibly. I had one once he was huge!
  14. InsaneCdn

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    Nerf, I don't think Rufus is a Newfie... he simply isn't BIG enough - as in, not stocky, his back end is too slim. Newfies were bred as draft dogs, so think more like a massif, not so much lab proportions. And the head isn't quite Newfie either.
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    Ah, draft dogs! That explains why they look the way they do. Thank you!