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    Today was my last day of work at this job that saved me from homelessness but had no future and people treated me like c**p- some, definitely not all people. E is holding his on and we are making it living together again in spite of a couple of bumps in the road. They have been bumps, not walls, so we are both still able to concentrate on this working. We will be on vacation next week then move the following week. I am scheduled to start the new job the Monday after that. I'm still in awe of it all and am having trouble getting past the thought that it seems too good to be true. But I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth either, Know what I mean??

    We have so much to be grateful for. It's so hard to believe that we were sitting in a nice house 2 years ago preparing to move because we'd lost everything and were facing homelessness. Now we are preparing to move so I can have a job where I might actually be able to retire with a pension someday- at a place where I really want to support their efforts- E has a decent chance of attending college and has just finished all requirements for getting a driver's license except the waiting period on a learner's permit.

    Things can change so fast sometimes. The one thing I am sure of- it's a small world and it will always amaze me in a wonderful way how things or people from the past can show up again and play such an enlightening role in one's life.

    You ladies and this board have been my backbone many times. You've been my wisdom and strength and family and friends. I hope I can offer others here a fraction of what I've taken, and more if possible.

    Thank you!
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    Glad the awful job is over and you're on your way to the new one with a nice break in between. :)

    Enjoy every moment.

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    K....I sure wish you had been up there when we were in the Quantico area. It would have been an ideal time for E to meet Jamie because Jamie, Tony and one of Jamie's friends all went camping and fishing on the river up there. He would have had a blast.

    I have already told Jamie about E (and you) and he is expecting a call from the two of you and is more than happy for E to just come hang out at the house to play video games and then go fishing with him when he does that. There are some teens in the apartment complex living next door to them but Jamie has a huge 54" plasma tv that he plays Xbox live on when he is home. I figure that might be something E might be interested in...lol. Jamie will just treat him like another little brother....just much younger. He wont let anything happen to him.
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    thank you!

    We'll touch base after the move, DJ. I'll PM or something. E will need something to do between the time of the move and school starting. He wants to volunteer to help farmers take care of farm animals and horses, too. That would be good experience for him if he can find a place close enough to walk to. Plus, any volunteer work or community service involving animals could help him a little on a college app. But yeah, he'd love having a guy to hang around and play video games with!
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    Klmno, you have done a GREAT job! Congratulations!

    I wish I could meet you before you go but I am lying low, mostly staying in bed or doing sudoku until I can get rid of my shingles. Plus, I don't want to feel responsible for infecting the elderly, or newborns, as it is said to spread to them.

    Best of luck with-your move ... and let us know what it looks like and how you decorate and also, what everyone is like at work. I just KNOW that everyone will be friendlier at the new job.
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    I know he is human and it is probably not perfect, but how impressive is it that he is looking for positive things to do with his time? I love your updates and am so thrilled you are able to move on at this point. You have been through so much trauma. I hope it wont weigh on your as much once you are able to get on with every day life (after you settle)... did you decide on the house in the country? I can't remember.
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    It is so great to hear this. I remember when you first found us...you were so lost and hurting. You have been through so much in the last 5 years. It was an honor to watch you grow stronger and make the hard decisions and stand your ground against a broken system.

    Enjoy your vacation and good luck in your new home and new job!
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    I absolutely LOVE hearing this update! This is just so awesome. k, I am so proud of you and E for making it work, no matter how awful it seemed to get...
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    That almost sounds like an insinuation that I'm elderly. Well, ok- I do feel elderly sometimes!

    Yes, Buddy- this is the house in horse country but still the closest to work I could find and afford that still gets E in a sd where he can go for the advanced diploma. Even if he gives up on that and decides to just get a standard diploma, it will be easier for him to only have 4 semester long classes at a time.

    We just got back from seeing "People Like Us"- a great movie and very fitting for our lives. Then we drove thru a nearby college campus- one that E has on his list as Plan B or Plan C options in case he doesn't get into his ideal college. Two are near where we're moving to so we'll visit them later this summer then try to squeeze in a couple of days to visit his favorite, on the other side of the state, before Fall semester ends.

    Next week we will be celebrating the 4th in PA- to also celebrate E's freedom! It will be our first vacation in about 4 years and a new experience for us both.

    Lisa, right now I'm watching some B TV show E told me to turn on because these teens are dressed like Neil Diamond in the 70s and lip syncing to old lyrics of his. What a laugh! I'm going to have to go youtube now and get my ND fix. LOL!

    Thank all of you for your wonderful support! We really did need for things to go well and get along with each other, at least most of the time, etc. It has helped both of us get into (and hopefully stay in) a positive cycle instead of negative or destructive cycle. I remember several of you reminding me to stay strong and hang in there so E could see the importance of not giving up and how things can turn around and get better and that it was possible to get back some good future again. TG for that! I think in large part, that is how he has made it so far this time. And every day helps him stronger the next day, and of course, those days turn into weeks and now we are shooting for months. We have talked about how good it feels that it's not just one of us who got back a chance to fulfill our dreams, but both of us at the same time. No guilt, resentment is all but gone, and we can both look ahead while still being happy for each other. It feels like we are finally getting a foothold on a healthy parent/adult child relationship. Wow- just wow! It has really made me feel faith again and I hope someday E becomes more spritual- not necessarily religious but at least to have faith and believe in a Higher Power for strength and hope and gratitude.

    I have to say that the success stories here helped me at the worst of times, too. DJ and others who continuously reminded me that many boys who start out seemingly headed for a life of trouble and problems somehow get out of most of it as they get older and the frontal lobe developes and they learn from some hard lessons. Thanks again to all those who are willing to share their stories endlessly in order to keep others, like me, hanging on thru the roughest of times!

    Going back to this movie a minute- which in my humble opinion is a must-see for single parents or those who grew up in a single parent household- there was a true warrior mom scene in there that E and I both cracked up over. There were several but one where this mom stood up to the principal at sd had us rolling! You all would have been proud of her!
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    Is he considering Mary Washington? Both Jamie's kids were born there. Of course, the state schools are great too and I have a fondness for UR. I would have loved it if any of mine had gone to ANY universities...lmao.
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    State schools are the only ones on the list due to cost but as you pointed out, this state does have good colleges. That's about the only good thing about staying in the state- to keep the state resident status for college. He still has a long list of B and C choices that I helped him with because he really only wants the one but he has come to see that he might have to go some place else for a while first. I don't want to name specific colleges or areas because ya know, I'm a privacy freak, but I will say he has NO interest in going anywhere near our old jurisdiction and I agree with that decision. Once you get on those cops' radar, you never get off. And if you ever have to appear in court for anything in the future, they make sure and bring in anything they can from your past.
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    Thanks for the happy update. Hugs. DDD
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    Then I guess my old playground is off the list...lmao. And I was gonna suggest he stop in at this little cafe I knew about...lol.

    I think he would do well at several...but I guess it depends on where he gets in.
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    LOL! Right now he's threatening to send me to NDA (Neil Diamond Anonymous- aka Neil Diamond rehab).

    thank you, DDD!
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    Some private colleges can actually be cheaper than state schools. Many state schools are so strapped for cash that they cannot supplement the federal financial aid.

    Google the name of any college E is interested in with the phrase "net price calculator". Answer the questions and it will give you a rough idea of what the cost will be (includes tuition, room and board, and misc stuff).