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    I must really seem awful because all I do is seem to complain or over react! Well my kids have brothers came in from out of town, planned on seeing them for a bit today. My kids were told a week in advance, a reminder yeasterday and this morning. Well, my kids decide they refuse to shower,dress, and straighten their rooms enough so their brothers can walk in and sit down ( about 10 minutes worth of cleaning really). Then my oldest starts complaining" what are we going to do, its all boring" I said" Talk, play Wii,Nintendo Ds, go outside ride,skate boards/scooters or bikes whichI have enough for all the kids to do. No she didn't like that answer and wanted them to come another time! Uggh, and she is the one with no issues! My son says he is cleaning by playing with his toys and leaving them on the floor to trip on! I will admit, both of my kids get too much and need to learn not to be greedy or super lazy! We can all be a lil lazy , but really? I love them, and I know this doesnt help my son's issues! My daughter refuses to turn on the tub water, my son refuses to dress himself.I am making them do it, but my father gives in!- :groan:Seems like they are their dad,because he hasn't wanted to see the boys in over 4 years now :(-only mine.Hope all of your mornings are going well !!!!!:mornincoffee:
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    sometimes our kids can just be normal ol' pains in the patootie right? go ahead and vent!
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    Lets see... these are half-brothers, then, right?
    And probably a fair bit older than your two?
    And... a husband who isn't really interested in seeing them?

    And you expect your two kids to be excited about this?

    Sorry. Not trying to be mean, just trying to paint the picture from the kid-perspective.

    Really - what is in it for your two? what do they get out of it that THEY value?
    THAT might be part of where the attitude comes from on this particular issue.
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    So true!!!
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    They are 13 & 14 years old, has been together since my daughter has been 4/5 years old.My son wanted/wants to see them but getting him going to do anything most of the time for anybody is hard. My daughter always wanted her brothers there when she went to visit her dad, and frankly the only reason at the time. Even her dad told me " she only comes to see them, not me,she ignores me ". My daughter has had real attitude lately about getting going,cleaning and obsessed with the computer. All of the kids have video games/skateboards/computer in common. She is this way her male/female friends.Also, her best two friends, a female- 1 1/2 younger est- and her male best friend about same age as my daughter,she says the same thing. She just wants to be in her PJS and sit at the computer all day playing games or trying to go on chat sites ( i don't let her sometimes she sneaks it in,gotta block it) She says she wants them in her life as does my son, even asked her again just now, without making her feel guilty or harsh. I see what your saying though. And the value is having family around who does not put them down for grades,looks, or what race they have in them. 98% of my so called family on my dads side, are prejudice,money hungry,mean people. Most family on my moms side has passed.The only ones left, the majority are older than me, and my cousins, well one,lost 3 out 5 of his kids for drugs and my other cousin has severe health issues, and cant find her to know if she made through her current pregnancy. I do not Push them to see them, we go to parties when possible,once in a while "hang out" and the mother and I talk several times a month, but do not force the kids to. What little family I have left, yeah, I try to keep us united, but will never force anyone to see each other. Well, a few times my kids didnt want to go with their dad but by law,on his days I had too :( I still feel bad about that.