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    i just wanted to thank everyone for thier input. It is such a relief to know i am not the only one going through this battle. I just firgured out how to create my sig at the bottom so hopefully that will help you know a little more about us.

    and in response to a few questions early: Trust me it is not just socks or shoes that set my difficult child off, it is anything and everything last week it was sloppy joes sandwichs, then it was because we didnt have time to stop by the library. And we are open to try different things, we are to that point that i imagine everyone here has been to , willing to try about anything. And 1 thing that makes this all the more frustrating is i dont think he remembers the outburst or the fits he swears we are lieing on him, that he does not do those things so i have secretly been recording them on my camara, to show the doctor exactly what has been going on.
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    I didn't reply on your other thread, but wanted to say hi and welcome :bigsmile: This site was close to a miracle for me. Helped in so many ways, just one of which was being a place where others actually understood.

    I'm not too experienced with bipolar. With my difficult child though, sometimes he would meltdown over something like how a shirt felt, but when we talked it over later it would lead back to some whole other thing that started irritating him in the first place. The shirt may just have been the straw kind of thing. It could be some other trigger setting your difficult child off, and the socks or sloppy joes were just the end part. I think it's a good thing to tape him. Perhaps it will help you with heading off meltdowns before they start, and it's always good to show a psychiatrist/therapist so they know exactly what you're talking about when you describe behaviors.

    Again, welcome. Hope you find the advice and support, and shoulder to cry on, that you need to help you along the way. :flower: