Just What I Needed - A Car Accident!


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I was on my way too the Post Office yesterday when a white car suddenly accelerated and started driving so fast the car next to him looked like it suddenly went in reverse. The white car hit us on the back bumper. My Kia has a bit of paint transfer on the rear bumper and that was it. The car just kept driving and went into a gas station lot. I had to circle around to find him but I did. He did not want to call the cops and said that he would take care o his car and I would care for mine. His front quarter panel had a big crack in it but that was all. I got his license 3 as he then pulled out of the lot at high speed. I got his tag number and put it int the folder with the insurance and registration. The cops offered to let me make report when I called them. As this guy pulled away so quickly, the report is a piece of paper that i write info on and keep for myself. Basically the cops would not do anything about this, not even take take report and put it in their files.

No one was hurt badly, though I am very sore today. I am taking it very easy today. I am so thankful no one needed an ambulance


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I am so glad you are OK and everybody else, too. That is the important thing. I hope you got the rest you need, and the soreness has passed. A moment to count blessings, each of us.

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Oh my, this does not seem right. It is a hit and run, where is the justice? I am glad you are okay, but how scary. I hope that there is no whiplash......if you continue to feel sore, please go get checked!


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Why the *** would they not do a report?! That's crazy!

I am glad you're OK. That's the most important thing.


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Our cops can be idiots. A few yrs ago I saw a car hit Jessie in our driveway. They were going slow but knocked her down and left. I SAW the car and got part of the tag. The cops said J made it up and just fell. They didn't even TRY to find the tag - said they could not search on a partial tag. They gave me a piece of paper to fill out and keep. That was it. We lived on a gravel road at the bottom of a hill and the kids wuld speed down the road and then turn around in a driveway or the middle of a front yard. Even when a neighbor gave us his security video of her getting hit, the cops STILL said she fell and the car didn't hit her. You could clearly see the car hit her on the video but the cops refused to do anything. I later found out that the driver was the son of a local bigwig and that is why they refused to do anything. They do this a LOT. From the way the other driver was driving, he is related to someone or else he is in sports at the university. either way, unless he does file a claim, and he didn't even want our tag number, much less my license or insurance info, all that is left is healing from the jolt. My back is incredibly swollen and sore, but hopefully it will pass.