Just when I felt safe enough to breathe...

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  1. KTMom91

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    Hubby graduated last Monday, started doing things around the house...and hurt his back. He can barely move, and has been doped up on left over muscle relaxants that don't seem to be helping.

    I've been working a lot,which is good, but the down side is that I blew out my left knee again, making another, deeper tear in my almost non-existent meniscus. Ortho won't operate again, I'd have to go to knee replacement, and I'm not ready to.

    Miss KT freaked out when several of her friends told her they were going to a different school next fall. Talked her down from that hysteria. Then she learned that she will have to miss Maddie's first BD party, because she asked K specifically what weekend it would be, took that info, and set up her work schedule. And guess what? the day of the party was changed, and Miss KT is bummed, even though we feel we've been kept from seeing Maddie, and the last time Hubby and I were there, she didn't know us. Talked her down from that one, too.

    Hubby's gone to bed, and I'm trying to relax with a nice cup of white chocolate cocoa. OMG it's so good!
  2. DammitJanet

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    Gosh thats a whole lot on your plate to feel bummed about.

    Hope hubby's back starts to feel better. Can he get in to see a doctor? I honestly find muscle relaxers next to useless myself but maybe they help him. He might have better luck with Aleive taken at the rx strength. Also if he can fit into a tub for a good soak in epsom salts that would be good too. I also find my heating pad invaluable.

    I hear you on the knees. I need them replaced and simply cannot bring myself to that point yet. My right one has been in constant agony ever since I fell at Jamie's last Easter - swollen, red, painful to the touch - and I just cant bring myself to even consider another MRI to find out what I did. Im not ready to consider the next step. Im playing ostrich until I am ready.

    Why are they not letting you see Maddy much? Gosh that would kill me! You know how I am about Keyana...lol. And how she is about me. We would be lost without each other. She can be a real little pain in the rear sometimes now that she is getting to the age that she can express opinions and argue a bit but then she will come out with little gems that make it so worth it. Did you know that I am gorgeous? LMAO. According to her I am! Made my day.
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    Hope it's nothing more serious than a pulled muscle, KT. Heating pads help him any?
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    KT, sorry both you and husband are struggling. To both be down at the same time must be very difficult. Here's hoping for some pain free time and a quick recovery for husband. I have a friend who had extreme severe pain in both knees for years. She decided to have them both done at the same time. She said, even recovery was less painful than walking around with her damaged knees. Now she wonders why she waited so long - she said she had forgotten what it was like to walk without pain.

    And Janet, I've met you - you are gorgeous!

  5. Hound dog

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    Mary I'm so sorry to hear about husband's back. Odds are muscle relaxants probably arent' going to help him much unless he's actually having muscle spasms. Then they help, but of course they don't completely do the job. Warm moist heat may help more.....I have husband stand under a hot shower set to massage when he does a number on his back, then use the heating pad. But then his issues are mainly from lack of movement.......then let's over do it to the hilt. He forgets every once in a blue moon that he's not 20 anymore. ugh (all of the rest of the time he acts as if he's 80)

    Ouch with the knee. Can understand how you feel, but it is not getting better, and is not going to get better. I hope you can have the replacement surgery soon.

    And as for the grandbaby...........I would be upset. But I wouldn't wait to be invited to see my grandkids. lol I'd just show up if I felt it had been too long,. However when Darrin was 2 I had to have a major heart to heart with easy child. She and sister in law were seriously thinking about moving to Colorado. Well, that was all honky dory but when Darrin had spent nearly every day of his life up to that point at nana's house..........you just don't do that to a child. He'd get to missing me on the weekends and sneak his Mommy's phone to call Nana. lol We're still extremely close although I haven't watched him nearly as much since he was three. He can't go even for a week without calling or seeing me. Reminds me of how I was with my own grandma. So easy child and sister in law nixed the move idea totally.

    I feel bad for Aubrey. It's the same deal with her. First 3 yrs of her life Nana was always there. Was tough enough on her when Nichole and boyfriend moved in together. But she still saw me several times a week........and trust me she soaked up as much nana time as humanly possible. Now they're an hour and a half away......and as far as poor Aubrey is concerned it might as well be across country. And with her it's not just me she misses terribly, it's easy child and darrin and brandon ect. When she visits now she parks on my lap and gets angry with Mommy if we attempt to have grown up talk cuz she wants all my time. lol Katie's kids had a major hissy fit when M called me because he wouldn't let them talk to me on the phone........I know cuz I heard them. lol

    I don't remember if Maddie lives close by or not. If she does, make up a silly excuse and go see her. She's such a little doll baby!

    And Janet.........I think grandkids are blind when it comes to grandparents. Mine tell me constantly that I'm beautiful. :rofl:
  6. KTMom91

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    They're just across town, but whenever we call, there's usually some excuse why we can't come by. Hubby and I have seen Maddie once since Christmas, and she wouldn't come to us, just hid behind her mama.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I didn't even KNOW you had a misine.....mineskis.....minie......Whell if it's MINE - ISKUS - give it back. Niskus stealer.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. A man with a sore back is.......well I'd rather have two stolen iskuses than one man with a bad back.

    I send you magic wand.....((((BRRRRRRRRRRRRING)))))))))

    You let me know if it works Okay?

    Hugs and love
  8. DammitJanet

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    Well...Valentines day is coming up. Make her a little Valentine basket and head on over. Hallmark has these really cool recordable books. I got one for Keyana for Xmas called My Little Princess. Cute as can be. You just record your own voice as you read the pages and then you lock the book so that as she turns the pages, it reads it out loud to her. Even if they have to change the batteries the recording stays.

    Doing that would let her hear your voice even when you arent there. We are sending the newest one they have out up to Hailie and Mikey for Valentine's Day.