Just when you think jobs couldn't get worse...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Abbey

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    I have an interview at (drumroll please) Walmart. :woohoo: NOT. It ranks in the top two stores that I loathe to go into. But, it's a job, eh? It's for a cashier position initially, then moving to the Customer Service Dept. That should be fun around the holidays.

    The good thing is it is in walking distance...about 2 miles away and is on the bus route. H is actually going for an interview there today to be an 'Inventory Receiving Specialist.' We were cracking up at that title. Specialist? Ohhhh...that sounds so important. Why don't they just say - we need someone to count boxes as they come in the store. No...he'd be a 'specialist.'

    The interview is not until next week. Wish me luck...I think.

  2. KTMom91

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    OK...luck. I guess. Three years in management with Kmart soured me on big box discount stores.
  3. mstang67chic

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    Sorry but even though I shop there, I know what you mean. I actually applied at Walmart a couple of weeks ago BUT only for a specific job. My sister in law works in the pharmacy there and gave me the heads up that someone put in their two week notice. TECHNICALLY it's still working for Walmart but it's in the Pharmacy. There's a difference. LOL
  4. Mattsmom277

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    Luck to you! A jobs a job huh?? You do what you gotta do. I hope that if you get it, you have a good experience.
  5. hearts and roses

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    easy child and I were at Walmart the other day and we noticed something. And this is not a slam (please forgive me if this comes off as offensive in any way - not my intention at all)...but we noticed that many of the customer service staff, cashiers, stockboys, etc., seemed, well, more like 'normal' people. In the past, it was like walking into some creature feature, the personnel seemed so 'odd' at our local Walmart, seriously, we wondered where they lived because most of the employees looked like someone who either lived in a cave or under a rock...but lately....like I said, they looked more 'normal'. Do you think it's because of the job crunch across the country? I do.

    Anyway, Abbey, obviously you're one of the 'normal' ones...<snicker snicker>...best of luck to you both!;)
  6. Abbey

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    Ha, Jo! That's funny as I also applied to be a greeter. H nearly peed himself to death from laughing. He says, but you're not 90! Don't steal a job from a 90 year old!

    (I'm not sure I fit in the 'normal' category either.)

  7. Star*

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    All right abbers and h........
  8. DammitJanet

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    I hope you can handle working at Walmart if you get the job. There is something odd about Walmart stores that makes me physically ill. I break out in a sweat and get all panicky when I am inside one too long. Just the last time I was in there the cashier asked me if I was ok because I looked really sick. I think I was turning green around the gills. It must have been bad if a total stranger noticed.

    I have always worried that I would look like I was shoplifting something because I was sweating so badly but it is something psyhiologic. Maybe a combo of the lights and a chemical on the floors?
  9. Abbey

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    Janet, I get that way in any large disorganized store. That's why I can't shop at Marshalls, TJ Max, etc. It's almost closterphobic to me.

    My latest store I can't stand is Menards. You midwesterners would know what that is. I don't know who designed the layout to that store, but whomever it is, is an idiot. Wood should go with wood. Nope...not there. Wood is scattered all over the store. It took me an hour the other day to find two simple pieces of wood. Go back to the wood department - oh, no...that's up by the registers. Wood? By the registers?:mad:

  10. susiestar

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    I wish you luck on the interview. whatever kind of luck you want!

    As for the Inventory Receiving Specialist that title is there for a reason. You have to be able to COUNT, so a higher level of skill/intelligence is needed!

    Ihave found Walmart to vary widely in terms of atmosphere and customer service. In my town, and even the large city husband works in, staff is very helpful and friendly. I have little to say that is bad about them. But when we lived in OH I REFUSED to go there. Esp when I was in the cust service line and saw a manager yell and CUSS at a man who was returning something that broke. It was very obvious the item was poorly made, but the manager tried to refuse to take it back - with the receipt and with the tags on it!! Then the store mgr came to see what was going on. The actual STORE MGR started screaming about how the customer should lose a "couple hundred pounds" if he wanted a belt that would work!!!!

    My nephew had a wonderful time working at Walmart. He started as a teen as a stocker. Then he moved up into the kiosk that sold cell phones. And now, in his early twenties he is in college AND running 8 stand alone major cell phone company stores! He even has his first mortgage and he is not yet out of college.

    I hope this is a good experience for you. I figure ours can't be all bad because they have so many of the same employees from several years ago.
  11. Abbey

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    Susie...that absolutely sickens me. I would have got their names and contacted corporate office. I'm not sure if it is the same today, but years ago they were known to take back ANYTHING with or without receipt. Yeah, you're going to get scammed a few times, but the repeat business is well worth the risk.

    I'd fire those guys on the spot.

  12. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    OMG Abbey when we lived in Indiana I experienced Menard's!
    I was always cornfused... I would wander around forever find one thing, wander longer...
    I think that was the cause of my PTSD, not my past! LOL

    I am with you on the Walmart though. But like you said a job at this point is a job.

    You should become a "Celebrant" my brother in law's partner just did this... she is a piece of work but that is another story.
    A woman she knows is the only one here in Tucson. She is making over 75K a year doing these unions and blessings. She picks and chooses when she does them!

    They do "celebrations" for everything from weddings, adoptions, births, gay marriages, anythings. And it is all legal!

    You would be awesome with your personality!

    I am kind of joking, but I seriously did think of you.